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 My review of "Shoot Them Down" by Frank Feschino

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PostSubject: My review of "Shoot Them Down" by Frank Feschino   Sun May 31, 2009 7:07 pm

I am one who reads a lot of books on flying saucers and other unusual phenomena. The books written tend to be a short overview of some complex subjects, and the authors tend to cite the same references when they write the books. If there is a misquote of factual error, it tends to be repeated so often that it is believed as fact by some in the UFO community.

That is not the case with the book "Shoot Them Down" by Frank C Feschino. He has done his homework, and meticulously at that. The sheer research into the book is boggling in itself, and that is why the author has not written too many books. Mr Feschino has been researching the cases and the documents from the Summer of 1952 Saucer sightings. He has also done some in depth research to find out that we have lost many more fighter jets and pilots lives to UFO dog fights.
The book itself is a bigger book than most on the subject, and the font is regular type. This book will take a while to read (and re read some of the other chapters). This is not a complaint, as I like the information that is contained in the book. Many references and bibliographic cites help to check the work.
There is also more information on the Flatwoods Monster case from Braxton County West Virginia, which he wrote about in the book "Braxton County Monster". "Shoot Them Down" is much better than the last book (which had some editing errors, but was also well referenced). For all of the ufologists on this site and for those who want some summer reading, I strongly recommend this book.
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Alfred Lehmberg
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Alfred Lehmberg

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PostSubject: Re: My review of "Shoot Them Down" by Frank Feschino   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:43 am

I appreciate your sentiment and commend you on your review, but let me share what I'd written to UFO UpDates over the weekend:

Hiya Don...

Yeah, around twenty large passed through three law firms over
four years but the first book is officially dead - all ties and
entanglements severed. The book aforementioned, a published
distortion of facts as they were reported to the publisher, can
at best be treated as a distorted comic book —all respect to
comic books— badly describing the _actual_ incident, a work
legally found to be failing its contract with Frank to report
his arduous research adequately. Criticism based on that volume
is therefore irrelevant.

The aforementioned and thoroughly repudiated book is officially
declared a false start. Feschino begins now. Buckle-up, eh?

AVG Blog -- http://alienviewgroup.blogspot.com/
U F O M a g a z i n e -- www.ufomag.com
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My review of "Shoot Them Down" by Frank Feschino
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