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 Frank Kimbler Has Roswell Debris. Paratopia Has Frank Kimbler

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Jeremy Vaeni
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PostSubject: Frank Kimbler Has Roswell Debris. Paratopia Has Frank Kimbler   Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:50 pm


Paratopia Episode 128: Frank Kimbler's Roswell Debris

Frank Kimbler believes he may have found some alien wreckage debris in the sands of Roswell. And he may be right! Frank discusses the science involved in trying to figure out the origin of this mysterious metal. But first, Jeff & Jer make a huge announcement about their new call-in show, Paratopia Live! Sundays will never be the same!
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PostSubject: debris   Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:53 pm

1. this coming Friday on history channel international: the Bob White object-UFO Hunters- Ufo relics episode
2. Brazillian magnesium

Ubatuba UFO Fragments, 1957

On September 14, 1957, Ibrahim Sued, a columnist for the Rio de Janeiro newspaper 0 Globo, printed a letter which he had received, concerning a UFO incident. Accompanying the letter were three small pieces of white metal. Thus was ushered in one of the most controversial of all physical-evidence cases.
The writer of the letter described an event in which a "flying disk" exploded over the beach at Ubatuba, in Sao Paulo Province.

Some of the metal, which had "rained down" from the exploding disk, was collected, and three small pieces were included in the letter to Sued. Unfortunately, the signature on the letter was illegible.

Furthermore, the identity of all witnesses to the original seaside event at Ubatuba remains unknown, despite extensive searches by the Brazilian representative of the AERIAL PHENOMENA RESEARCH ORGANIZATION (APRO), Dr. Olavo FONTES. This lack of witnesses is one of the greatest weaknesses of the Ubatuba case.

This piece of metal was picked up after a UFO explosion over Toninha's Beach, in Ubatuba, Sao Paula State, Brazil, in 1957. This sample was analyzed and the results showed a 99.99% pure magnesium. This other piece fell down from one of the three UFO's that had flown over the city of Caminas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, on December, 1954.
Tests proved the material to be 88.91% pure tin. Mr. Sued gave all three pieces of metal to Dr. Fontes, who in turn had one of them analyzed at the Mineral Production Laboratory of the Department of Mineral Production in the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. Dr. Fontes personally delivered the samples to the chief chemist, Dr. Fiegl, an internationally known specialist. A qualitative, acid test was first made on a small chip, which showed that the fragments were truly metallic.

One of the original fragments, designated Sample No.1 by Dr. Fontes, was subdivided into several pieces and two of the pieces were submitted to the Spectrographic Section of the Mineral Production Laboratory Semi-Quantitative Emmission Spectrochemical Analysis. One of the pieces was analyzed by Dr. Luisa Maria A. Barbosa.

The analysis surprisingly revealed that the sample contained only the element magnesium. A second fragment of Sample No.1 was submitted to a separate spectrographic analysis by Mr. Elson Teixeira of the Mineral Production Laboratory. Mr. Teixeira confirmed Dr. Barbosa's finding that Sample No.1 was pure magnesium. Further tests were run on fragments of Sample No. 1. These included Debye-Scherrer-Hull powder pattern X-ray diffraction analysis, density measurement, and radiation tests.

The significance of Dr. Barbosa's and Mr. Teixeira's findings is that it is impossible to produce any element, terrestrially, that is absolutely spectrographically pure. These results, therefore, are often cited by proponents of UFO extraterrestrial existence as proof that the Ubatuba material must be EXTRATERRESTRIAL.

Unfortunately, this supposition cannot be proven, due to the lack of any further Sample No.1 fragments for verification analysis. The Ubatuba incident is certainly in need of futher verification, especially the details of the UFO incident itself. All we have is the word of one anonymous person who wrote the letter received by a newspaper. The case itself is dated by the receipt of the letter, and not the incident of the crash, so there are no first hand witnesses to the UFO incident itself.

Source: The Encyclopedia of UFOs, 374, Ron Story

Walter W. Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Frank Kimbler Has Roswell Debris. Paratopia Has Frank Kimbler   Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:29 pm

Hello jackgbowman,

Speaking of old technologies I'm looking into some UFO artifact history from the 50's and came across that report about the piece of debris that was supposedly "shot" off of a 2ft. diameter disc over Wasington D.C. by a pilot during the 1952 UFO flap. I was also reading about the 1975 Ubatuba account and the different tests that the pure Magnesium26 sample found at a Rio beach was put through. I thought to myself about the account of the interview with that Canadian guy, Wilbert B. Smith, when he mentioned an artifact (from D.C. I think) and thought I'd try to find some support for it.

I dug around a little and found this WRT to Magnesium26 from 1954:


I'm getting the impression that archived items can be a good resource if crossreferenced along small facts presented in reports across the science communities. Now this particular example could be construed as circumstantial at best and I would have to agree but it's really the approach to this style of research that I'm getting at. To me, there is nothing new under the Sun and all the pertinent stuff is within information that is much older.

Just an idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Frank Kimbler Has Roswell Debris. Paratopia Has Frank Kimbler   

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Frank Kimbler Has Roswell Debris. Paratopia Has Frank Kimbler
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