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 Frank Feschino On Paratopia

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Alfred Lehmberg
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PostSubject: Frank Feschino On Paratopia   Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:19 pm

Re: http://paratopiary.blogspot.com/

Just finished up the latest entirely free Paratopia, and I have to say this.

Bravo! Hosts Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni allowed —if still flawed— the most revealing telling of the entire Flatwoods affair yet! They did this respectfully revisiting the conventional wisdoms of the klasskurtxian and skeptibunky camps, and some of the more unusual ones at that! Who is allowed to drive oil spewing 1940's era pick-up trucks and where they are allowed to drive them, springs to mind. Answer: no one and not anywhere.

No, Feschino was able to rationally address every concern. "Rationally address," from fact, reader, not rationalize.

I don't think it is a stretch to report that the Paratopian Pair were impressed, even gobsmacked by the accounting.

Flawed? Yes. Interviewers are reluctant to face the provenance of the Monster and seem equally reluctant to inquire about it at all. True, Ritzmann, and Vaeni too, tried to pin Feschino down on Feschino's accounting as pointing to a hypothesis that is extraterrestrial in origin... or the currently abhorred, besmirched, and dreaded "extraterrestrial hypothesis": beings of an indeterminate biology, in other words, interacting with humanity in some manner outlining a way that might mimic our behavior, reader, if we, swapping shoes with the alien, were the extraterrestrials. Frank got it, folks. We've talked about it, frequently. The ETH is unfairly toxic territory these days, a decided magnet for premature derision and too hasty opprobrium.

Certainly, Frank Feschino, reporting the story he's pieced together over enormous hurdles for almost 20 years, is reluctant to go there for reasons obvious especially to the self-proclaimed critically thinking. In the first place he refuses to speculate on a provenance of something he doesn't know, in a manner which is unsupportable, regarding whether the "Monster" is crypto-zoological, trans-temporal, extra-dimensional, or para-psychological. How should he pretend to know that? He doesn't.

Feschino would prefer to stick with that which IS supportable! What is supportable is that the Flatwoods affair, again, is at the end of an enormous flap as it pertains to UFOs, reader, UFOs enjoying the consequences of the whole of a Military Aviation Arm of the United States operating in fact on standing orders to shoot them down!

These are the objects, reader —attributed to one six second Washington meteor— documented in 21 hours of continuous UFO sightings, mind you, as flying erratically, being on fire, dropping molten detritus, and making funny sounds...

Well, reader... Feschino will make no apology that this whole affair, even if it seems to be that obnoxious "extraterrestrial hypothesis...," is right in the reader's face, up close and personal! Though, why Feschino's reluctance?

He doesn't know what or who the Flatwoods monster is reader, in the first place, as pointed out above! Too, considering how ridiculously and inappropriately non-trendy the ETH is these days —this writer suspects— Feschino is loath to give a person any reason NOT to look at the massive data he has collected about, and get this, an Air and Sea War —against something decidedly odd— in which so many pilots, other persons, and aircraft were lost. Shoot Them Down is a fact, reader.

Closing, Ritzmann and Vaeni agreed the Flatwoods affair is ridiculous, their words. I caution the misquoting reporter; however, that they also made every indication that this ridiculousness actually credited the Flatwoods case. It did not remotely discredit it. See, we all agree that this UFO thing IS ridiculous as a portion of its part and parcel. It is ridiculous to the "conventional wisdom," reader, but I think we all might further agree that this says more about "conventional wisdom" than it does about Feschino's Flatwoods accounting of the Flatwoods affair.

Again... Well done Paratopia!

Read on.

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PostSubject: Re: Frank Feschino On Paratopia   Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:38 pm

I have read Frank Feschino's books on the Flatwoods subject and have come off with more knowledge about this case than ever before. What is usually reported as a scary monster story (and terrifying it was) is backed up by many facts and evidence from the case.

I personally believe that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is one of the best ones out there, regardless of if it is "in" or "out". Mr Feschino's books give much evidence that support the ETH, whether or not that was what he was going to do when he wrote the books. There were so many unsolved sightings in Project Blue Book during the Summer of 1952 (over 100), this given the the military was eager to solve each case by using the weather balloon, inversion or swamp gas theories. Over 100 unsolved by Blue Book standards is huge, and Mr Feschino documents them.

Whatever the answer or theory may be, Mr Feschino should get credit in his tireless research of what has been treated as just another monster story in ufology.

Thank you for the links, Alfred.
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Alfred Lehmberg
CE 1

Number of posts : 192
Registration date : 2009-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Frank Feschino On Paratopia   Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:52 pm

...How about those strange UFO pictures, too, on Feschino's Paratopiary Page? Are those jaw droppers or what? That area between Frametown and Flatwoods is supposed to be a real UFO hot spot!
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PostSubject: Re: Frank Feschino On Paratopia   Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:06 pm

Those are fascinating photos of UFOs on the site.

It does seem that the area has had more than its share of strange phenomena and experiences.
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PostSubject: Re: Frank Feschino On Paratopia   

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Frank Feschino On Paratopia
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