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 Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting

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Number of posts : 81
Age : 70
Location : Caldwell, New Jersey
Registration date : 2009-09-05

PostSubject: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:33 pm

I would like to establish a report of a UFO sighting back in 1969.
I am 62 years old now, living in New Jersey, and in frail health. I believe I should make some type of a report before I go and "buy the farm". I have remained silent about my UFO sighting for over 40 years now.

In 1968 I was drafted into the Army and after basic training & advanced training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, I was assigned to the 32nd Army Air Defence Command (32nd AADCOM) in Spangdahlem, Germany.

Spangdahlem Air Base is an Air Force Base and the 32nd AADCOM was an Army missile support group stationed at this air base. The 32nd AADCOM had missile batteries in the surrounding area in this south west area of Germany. The Army Headquarters Battery was located directly on the Spangdahlem Air Base. I was stationed at, and performed my duty for the Battalion Maintenance Section, on the main Air Base.

In June of 1969 while in my barrack's room, I noticed a series of lights, not of a known colour to me, moving slowly outside my barrack's room window. I got up to look at the lights moving and I thought to my self, what are the "wing nuts" doing out there at this time of night. It was after one o'clock in the morning.

These strange lights were like nothing I had seen before on this Air Force Base, or any place else for that matter. The strange lights moved slowly from west to east, and then, north to south. These lights were approximately 2000 feet above ground and just outside the air base perimiter.

My room in that barrack was on the second floor and I just stayed at that window watching these lights move about at a very low speed, too low of a speed for them to be anything the Air Force flew. It was not a helicopter for it made no sound at all.

I went down stairs to the outdoor parking area to try to see if I could get a better view of this "thing". I did not see it at first, but as I walked to the far end of my building, I suddenly saw these strange lights again and they started to almost hover near the base radio station antenna.

There is a sports field near that radio station and I walked to that field, when these lights moved at a mind boggling speed and they were gone in a flash. After seeing this I thought to myself..... "WTF is going on here ????".

I kept looking up at the sky and scanning the area trying to notice anything going on at the Air Base. The base was silent, as it should have been and usually was at one o'clock in the morning. Strange, I thought, for the Air Force doing exercises at that time, so early in the morning.

I then realized that I was not hearing any sounds coming from what ever that was in the sky. It could not have been anything the Air Force, or for that matter, that which the Army had on this base.

As I started to walk back to my barracks I could see flashing lights coming from the housing for NCO's and their families. It was the MP's and they were moving fast and cutting through the roads, fields and back again towards the main entrance gate. They stopped at the entrance gate and were talking to the guards, as they all were looking up at the sky.

The MP's started to move outside the gate and turned left onto the road leading into the village of Spangdahlem. Spangdahlem is a small farming community with rolling hills and open fields, all surrounding this Air Base.

When I returned back to my room on the second floor, I started to stare out of my window looking for any sight (MP's or strange lights), but could not see anything. I went to the "john" and when I came back I saw flashing lights coming from the MP's jeep. I went to the window and off to my left, I saw those strange lights moving very, very slowly ,from south to north. The MP's were trying to follow them on the roadways and pathways. These lights started to slowly move down towards the farmer's fields on the north side and I lost sight of them. I went to the north end of my barracks and looked from the second floor hall window out towards the fields beyond the base's security fence. These strange lights were hovering over that field at approx 1000 to 1500 feet.

The MP's arrived at that place, but on the base side of the perimeter security fence, when suddenly those strange lights moved up, and at almost a right angle, moved away at lightning speed. The MP's started to move again and drove away and out of my sight.

I returned to my room and woke up my sleeping roommate who demanded what the F*** was going on with me making noise and so on.

I told him about what was going on but he refused to accept what I was saying and accused me of being drunk.( I was not drunk and was not drinking on that day at all. I rarely drank more then two beers while in Germany, due to the German beer being much stronger then the American beer I was use to drinking).

The following day I approached one of the MP's in the mess hall and mentioned about what had took place the night before. He claimed he did not know what I was talking about and asked me to leave the table he was sitting at and eating.

This was very odd behavior for two reasons;

1) The mess hall tables are "as is, first come, first served" and no discressions as to rank while eating. (Officers had their own separate dinning room).

2) With all of that activity with the MP's involved, from the night before, this would be the number one topic of discussion for this day after the fact. How odd that this MP in the mess would claim to have no knowledge at all of his night co-workers going crazy, and running all over that base, chasing lights in the sky, and all over the base.

If one crew of MP's stopped a drunk GI from driving, every member from the day crew to the night crew would learn of it and they would know the name, rank and every other fact surrounding such an episode. So that MP in the mess is trying to tell me that a series of lights moving over the base, at very slow speed, and then at incredibly fast speeds, and with mind boggling maneuverability, is something no one would be talking about the next day ? Give me a break !!

I talked to my roommate later about this and he thought I better keep silent about this, especially since I did not have the MP's to back me up, and also since the nature of our duty was with missiles, I might risk security clearance and could be shipped out for duty in VietNam.

So here I am, 40 years later with congestive heart failure looking me in the face and I don't care if people don't believe me or think I'm a nut job.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get this off my chest and to make a record of that night in June, 1969.

My biggest hope is that my telling of this will help backup anyone who might have come forward in the past,( or in the future), and reported this UFO sighting at Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany in June, 1969.

Thank You
Albert Simeone
New Jersey

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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:38 pm

Thank you for telling us here about your UFO experience. The reactions of the others are telling, as they may have been told to keep quiet about what they saw. The military sometimes would rather forget about anything they cannot explain.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for your health.

Welcome to UFO Magazine Forum also!

Goddess Bless,

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Fox Mulder

Number of posts : 38
Age : 54
Location : WA State - Western
Registration date : 2009-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:43 pm

Hello Albert,

Welcome to the UFO magazine forums, thanks for that interesting and detailed post. It is very considerate of you to encourage others to come forward with their stories, I'm glad you decided to finally share this here at UFO MAG.

Your experience sounds very much like the Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting from 1980.

Bill Birnes and his team did an investigation there as one episode of UFO HUNTERS.

We hope you'll stick around and contribute where you can.

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Number of posts : 81
Age : 70
Location : Caldwell, New Jersey
Registration date : 2009-09-05

PostSubject: Re: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:53 pm

Thanks to you all for the warm welcome and best wishes for my health.

This is very new to me, talking about UFO's, and I have started to get interested in this topic through my friend, Cynthia.

Cynthia is a believer in that UFO Aliens are currently living among us. She has been researching this for about two years now. She believes that they are not hostile towards us, as this would defeat their true purpose for coming here. She tells me that these UFO aliens are hesitant about "coming out" to us due to their inability to understand our spiritual side of our human nature.

Cynthia tells me that she further believes that these "visitors" will make their presence known to the world and when they do all hell will break out. She believes that we humans will react very badly and go into a panic. She has started to store food, water, medical supplies and recently purchased a propane operated generator.
She tells me that she is starting to hide cash money in her home, for when the "poop hits the fan", banks, ATM's and other such places will fail to operate, along with the electric grid and so on, and so on.

I don't know about any of this stuff that Cynthia believes in, I just have no knowledge of any of this UFO and UFO Aliens phenomenon.

This is all a very new experience for me, and a lot to digest.

Cynthia is the one who suggested that I start to relate my UFO experience from back in 1969 ( posted above). She believes that this will encourage others to come out and not fear being called a whacko and/or an oddball personality.

Thanks again for your warm welcome and understanding. If I can be of any future assistance....you now have my e-mail and consent to contact me with your request.


-Albert in New Jersey
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:44 pm

It is interesting that the military and/or government has an explanation for every sighting out there:

1. swamp gas

2. ball lightning

3. weather inversion

4. weather balloons

5. If there is a radar confirmation, debunkers always claim the radar was broken then.

6. Pictures are that of birds.

How is it that in the Summer of the Saucers in 1952 that Project Blue Book had over one hundred cases classified as unknown? This is a group that would put an answer to almost any case, no matter how ridiculous it is.

Your friend Cynthia is right that something is going on, what it exactly is no one really knows. You also have nothing to be ashamed of because you witnesses some nocturnal lights that did not behave like any known aircraft or bird. Many of us here would love to have an encounter like that one.
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PostSubject: Re: Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting   

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Greetings from New Jersey-My first, and only sighting
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