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  Discovered Another Dramatic Anomaly On My Ufo Footage

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PostSubject: Discovered Another Dramatic Anomaly On My Ufo Footage   Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:13 pm

Periodically, I like to review my Ufo Video Footage which I did a few days ago. After having reviewed it several times I kept seeing something white materialize on the right corner of the screen. At first I thought it was perhaps something I picked up while panning the area in front of me. So I started to just focus on that right corner of the screen and not focus on the Ufo I captured up in the sky to the left. I was astonished at what took place. A being of some type in white began to materialize right after a quick flash like line took place. Then you can see a human like being start to walk in the sky like a person taking a leisurely walk away from me. Then it starts to get taller and bigger and seems to make contact with the Ufo in the sky. The ping pong like object is actually maneuvering it seems to connect with this human like being. As soon as both merge the Ufo disappears while the human like light being comes slightly towards me and then literally you can see it run to the left and out of sight.
Then this jelly fish like orb is sort of flying around in that right corner briefly and I end the video. Didn't notice any of this new anomalous activity while I was recording except for the Ufo of course.
All this takes place in 2:46 min. To bizzare to even begin to explain or comprehend. Can't believe it took me this long to discover it after probably reviewing it a good dozen times. Can't wait to look at it on my T.V got to get a HDMI cable!


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Discovered Another Dramatic Anomaly On My Ufo Footage
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