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     secret U.S. base on the bottom under the North Pole

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    PostSubject: secret U.S. base on the bottom under the North Pole   Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:20 pm

    U.S. to have a submarine on the bottom under the North Pole. of 500 square meters. where they have a new massförsörelse weapons. that UFOs over North Pole monitors have automiserade mini submarines there that bear it. new weapon that is alien friends told telepatiskt.de aliens must be destroyed neatrulisedrad one of the mini-submarines off the North Cape.
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    Mark Alexander
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    PostSubject: This is one ive known of for a while   Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:44 pm

    In the past I've performed a lot of psychic detecting for the public where the police and governments failed them, but when beginning to write about these things I had to stop with the detecting and move onto other things.
    Government under sea secret bases is something I've had enter my knowledge for close to 5 years now, they have many of them, they are their number one, for they know underground bases are not safe from quakes, and with quakes becoming more common, more destructive and that quake zones can and are changing in the event of global cataclysm these under sea bases are where royalty, government officials and all who can help them survive will be based.
    They have their plans to protect themselves in the event of global cataclysm, but no plans to protect the masses.
    They don't even trust satellites anymore as a base to escape global cataclysm, for they suspect earths electrical properties may over load and reverse, if that occurs lightning will be the opposite of what it is now, coming out of earth and shooting into the edges of space, with man made satellites becoming like 'lightning rods.'
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    secret U.S. base on the bottom under the North Pole

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