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 Bill Birnes is an idiot.

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New Member

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PostSubject: Re: Bill Birnes is an idiot.   Fri Dec 14, 2012 5:25 pm

to the author...

don't ever say seeing it isn't enough proof....I was a skeptic till I saw it with my own eyes. Now all I want is answers....

I would love to be interviewed by the UFO Files Crew.
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New Member

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PostSubject: who:s the idiot?   Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:44 am

Looks to me like Bill is the one that has a magazine business, has a television show, is doing one hell of alot more for the UFO community than someone like you that does nothing more than open his mouth showing the whole world who the IDIOT really is. Remember it is better to keep your mouth shut and thought to be a idiot, then to open it and remove all doubt!
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Mark Alexander
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PostSubject: We know only a little of the laws of physics and those are for our solar system,technology gives possibilities outside of the norm   Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:51 pm

What we on Earth know is very little when compared to what far more advanced beings would know.
Our current technological, science and physics know how is less than 400 years old, it hasn't even got past 'baby' status yet, when it is in its 'juvenile' stage then we will know how Aliens travel from near to one star to another, and that stage we are now entering. When our know how is in the stage of 'teenager' then we will be able to travel from near to one star to another, then when our know how is in the stage of 'adult' we will be the Aliens peering in on less advanced beings and helping them in the ways Aliens help us.
Aliens have given us a lot of what we know, and this is old news, but they will only give us what we can be trusted with. Look at what humanity did with atomic know how first and foremost, dropped nukes on civilians for control purposes of their government.
Destruction first, control second, use third, that is the way of our governments, and is what governments are trying to do with UFO technology and the crew of who visit us to help us.
Aliens know how to travel faster than light and the UFO community is right now learning of how they do it, but that also means governments are also learning it too, so we will only be allowed to know a little, till we can be trusted with it, only then we will be able to build such. How they travel faster than light is to create atoms which in turn create solid matter, and which the atoms of duplicate themselves at alarming rates. The solid matter grows at the rear of the craft in a tube like shape, thus propelling it forward, it grows at the 'golden ratio'/'fibonacci spiral' thus grows at alarming rates, and thus pushes the craft at alarming rates. They can make objects of this type the length of the journey they are to travel in a straight line destination, and can in reverse formula disintegrate objects of such size to almost nothing. Thus they can travel from near to one sun to near to another in a matter of seconds. Their craft are weightless and everything is balanced gravitationally, and they can disintegrate all debris in the path of the craft.
We on earth don't even yet know all of what there is to know of gravity, electricity and sleepwalking, we are as 'babies' within the stages of know how.
Governments are the idiots of this planet and all who trust them, Bill Birnes is forward thinking and has first hand experience of these craft, its like meeting with a God when you have a close encounter with UFOs and their crew, and knowing through experience their know how is far superior to our own.
I get reacted to all the time as being a deluded idiot due to my vast UFO and Alien encounters, but biased ridicule it doesn't bother me so I expect it doesn't bother Bill you calling him an idiot.
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PostSubject: Re: Bill Birnes is an idiot.   

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Bill Birnes is an idiot.
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