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 Wayward Travelers

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John Hughes
John Hughes

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PostSubject: Wayward Travelers   Mon May 16, 2011 6:54 am

Wayward Travelers

We are those wayward souls, those wayward travelers, awakening from a harsh winter’s night, awakening unto our reality, programmed as we were by those of alien descent. For to be a Contactee, Experiencer, or Abductee, is to be a creature programmed by our keepers - kept as we are for that specific day in which we shall all awaken, one to another.

To awaken is to realize our heritage, to see that which we are meant to see, and to realize that we all are of one bloodline, of one heritage. We are the gods of our creation, living through our creation, returning to see through the eyes of those which have been created – what more perfect union might there be, what more perfectly complete experience, could there possibly be in all of creation; save that of the creator gods returning to live through their creation, then awakening within their creation, seeing as we do, through the eyes of those created.

We are those creatures brought forth to a new reality, to a new calling, defined and refined by our keepers, those creatures guiding and contacting us, as they have seen fit to do throughout our lives; having as they do, their agendas well in hand.

And what of those agendas, their purpose, lain out in no small detail. We are the substance of that purpose; soldiers directed as we are for that most certain mission at hand. We are workers constructing this most massive of structures, utilizing ourselves as the building blocks as it were.

Experiencers, Contactees, or the medium with which they work - it is all the same, we are the vehicle, the means with which they paint. For the picture being painted is worthy of nothing less than our best efforts, our own sweat and tears shed for that certain experience brought forth from our very psyche, that dread that we all feel, clean down to our bones.

They are the keepers, and we are the kept; they are the insulators, the ones standing between the physical and the spirit. They are those bridging the gap as it were, bringing together these two worlds by their very own handiwork, being privy to both worlds, able, as they are, to move between the two.

Within and without, it is all the same. The prophets of old spoke of the spirit and the flesh, but it is not so; there is only one, the self. Existing as many forms, many characters in many plays - many seasons to many worlds - the self, truly endless, truly magnificent

This is not being told to inform, but rather to open a portal to other worlds for the self.

Imagine if you will, that you were seated in a chair in front of a waterfall. See the waterfall, feel the self, searching out its existence within the waterfall. Search in and through the waterfall, let the waterfall touch you and shower you in the very water of life, the very energy of the self, endless and all encompassing, all complete within itself- to be experienced to its fullest, to its very depth, to the very core of its being.

The self can be thought of as existing in three distinct planes, three distinct dimensions; the before the after and the present. Existing as it does in these various realities, the self exists in all three as one.

As you read these words you are further awakening and there is that still voice within that bears witness to these words – it is as if you are remembering, as if you are recalling those things already known, already attested to beforehand.

There is a point at which critical mass is achieved, that is, a point at which there are enough who have fully awakened to bring about a crucial point in the evolution of that archetype of what it is that we are as Contactees.

Critical mass is a keyword, a master keyword, a cornerstone as it were, to be utilized by those starting to awaken, and similar to keywords used in search engines throughout the Internet, these keywords bring with them a wealth of information, which in turn further facilitates the awakening until critical mass is achieved.

The journey has just begun; the preparation thus far has been to prepare us for the departure itself, therefore, stay within the waterfall, gliding effortlessly from the present to the after, and to the before. Travel as you would in your car, setting a course to wander at will.

As the self discovers itself, it grows, or is raised, exponentially.

Whatever we are, we are - at this point in our life, we are a collection of past experiences, programming performed by our keepers, and genetic tendencies – all of those things coming before, to make us what it is that we are now, in the present.

Therefore, live in the present, doing those things that are necessary, those things that stand before you to do - simply put, live in the now.

We are all temporal, living as we do with this seasonal physicality. To die is our ultimate destiny, to live our present necessity - all things standing before us as they do, so that we may find our place in the world, leaving behind our past as a vapor, a wisp of smoke swirling behind us as we pass through this existence.

We are our gods, living out these lives as we do, finding our destiny dispersed as it is throughout our lives, living the course set before us, without need of anything. We are unto ourselves, whole, complete in form and substance, gods living through our creation.

We are that which we seek – we are our gods.

We are all fools; all wise beyond our understanding, for we are both our god and the creation, living through ourselves as we do, embracing this journey with both patience and joy. Let that which is in you arise to discover itself, to awaken unto its true nature - both god and man, abiding together as one, this most perfect union in all of creation. We are, we are god, we are our god – we are our god living within us.

Days were before, that all of man came and went upon this planet in a fashion, without realizing what it was that they were. To that end, we now have all been shown what it is that we are - whether it be good or bad, whether right or wrong, we are seeing that which we are.

To know is to realize that which stands before us, and us seeing without condemnation or judgment is that pure sweet essence that all crave, but in us, there exists no preconceived notion as to how it should or should not be, only the observing, the seeing, the witnessing of the self as it is, and as it shall continually come to be in this incarnation. Such a thing terrifies and grinds at the very core of a man; it is not easily beheld, nor easily understood. So it is then that we have seen, un-terrified, undaunted and unflinching.

By the measure then, we are enlightened.

There are no solutions to be found, other than the awakening of the self, no solutions that abide in the soul other than the awakening of the very soul unto itself. For there are many that would have you believe that you are not gods, but rather slaves, but this is not so. Gods incarnated to serve the creation, to bless and care for those souls created, for this is the way of the universe; the way of the collective.

Looking into the heavens at night, behold the intent of the stars; that is our intent as well. We are what it is that we are, nothing more. To say that our intent is this, or that our intent is that, is to divine our place within the world in which we find ourselves – who is it among us then, that is so able?

These words are written for those who would find familiarity in them - all things being before us for a reason. To know a matter through the intellectualizing, and to know a matter through the experiencing are two different things entirely. If this were not so, there would be no reason for us to incarnate, we would simply intellectualize about existing here, but that is not the case.

Juxtaposition Awakening Travelers

John Hughes

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Wayward Travelers
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