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PostSubject: INHERITANCE MUDRECOV Stonehenge.   Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:51 am

The mystery of the English system of measures.
Another English astronomer 18 th century Herschel (judging by the name - a Jew) suggested that the most practical system of measures must be based on the length POLE Earth's axis, which was calculated by sages in deep antiquity. Then determine the length of the circumference of the earth POLE allowed elementary formula of two Al Pi.
Every circle is divided into 360 degrees. Or 21 600 angular minut.Ili 1 296 000 arc seconds.
If the polar circle the Earth 39 941 km (according to NASA) to share the above 1 296 000 arc seconds - get 30,8 metra.To is almost exactly 100 British futov.Nebolshaya error completely forgivable - if we take into account of what happens far antiquity This English fut.Ved its length is determined by astronomical observations are at Stonehenge ... Of course, the ancient astronomers did not know that, unlike other celestial bodies - the Earth is in the form not of the world, and the geoid. Therefore, there was a small error in determining the standard measure of length!
In the English foot 12 inches.
If the English inch 2.54 cm multiplied by the square of the number 12, we obtain 365.76 cm
2,54 x12x12 = 365,76
Quite accidentally, it is too close to the number of days a year!
And almost exactly corresponds to the so-called STAR year.
If the duration of the astronomical (solar) year (365.24 days) divided by 1440 (SQUARES number 12 multiplied by 10 - the number of minutes per day!) - Such as accidentally get 0,254 (the number of exactly 10 times less than the number of inches of length !).
Well how the lengths of the feet and inches come that measure the volume and weight - in detail in one of the books and Knight Batlera.Chuzhie opening - I need not recount ... faith, in bulk!
Sergei Tsimbalyuk
Independent researcher
PSSkorost solar rotation around its axis of 1,854 kilometers per second (1 statute mile!).
The speed of rotation of the Earth around its axis of 0,463 kilometers per second.
Quite by accident - the speed of rotation of the Earth at exactly 4 times less than the speed of rotation of the Sun.
PSStroitelstvo Stonehenge began around 3500 years BC - before the pyramids of ancient Egypt! And far spread the news about the wisdom of its builders ...
Aryan in the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" states: "In the North Sea Milk is a large island, known as Shveta-MEP (Light, White Island) ... the men live there, away from all evil, to the honor-dishonor indifferent, wondrous view, full of vitality ... "
Remind knowledgeable and we inform the ignorant: in ancient Britain was called Albion - White Island!
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