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 UFO HOTBED for MONTHS, yet NO one is doing anything

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PostSubject: UFO HOTBED for MONTHS, yet NO one is doing anything   Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:28 pm

Hey folks

THought I'd write here about an event I've been tracking for over 200 hours personal time.

A GIANT object or objects hovers motionless for HOURS at a time, sometimes 30 minutes, then disappears or flys off at incredible speed, pulsates, FLASHES and moves slightly around.

THis is NOT WEATHER despite initial thinking that most people have when you look at the evidence and eyewitness ( there are MANY ) reports it's a solid object ( Proof of shadows and reaction to a casino spotlight ) and not ice crystals or land based lights which I've researched by surveying form 2 very high points at night.

This object comes down at different angles every time, but only the LIGHTS it's emitting can be seen, the rest of it seems to be cloaked.
While this sounds strange, it's not, military in the US has simple tech to cloak Tanks.

I saw it and captured pictures as early as Tuesday the 12th and otherss in the area saw it on MONDAY.
Their report was 2 small dot lights flew toward and into it and disappeared at one point.

Keep in mind with the evidence:
this object is EXTREMELY HIGH and must be massive, I'd say at LEAST 7000 feet based on types of cloud cover.
It hovers ABOVE CLOUDS, and the lights are shining DOWN from the TOP of the clouds, these are not BEAMS, not the FALLS Illumnation lights either as they change color constantly, and for them to refract 7000 feet or more, come back DOWN from the top of clouds, and reflect from the top is impossible.
It's there even when it CLEARS and there are no clouds.
It is anchored Solidly, doesn't move an inch, except for a couple times when I shone my 200mw laser at it , it moved away twice, most of the time it doesn't move.
I've seen it ( and have EVIDENCE ) of it changing altitude and position. Any land based lights would never do that if it was some kind of reflection.

Either way we are all baffled by this object or objects ( hard to tell )
check my video on Youtube, I have about 200 pictures as well.
There are others with similar video, just look for NIAGARA FALLS UFO on youtube.

if links work, here are some of my video's

There are a few more, please watch ALL the video's from different dates to get an idea, 1 video alone won't do it justice.
Also watch the video's from early October 2009 from different people.

If anyone can get down here, do it as soon as you can I don't know how much longer this thing will keep coming back.
all the best,
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PostSubject: RE:UFO HOTBED   Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:30 am

The video's are interesting; but I 'm skeptical. These lights may simply be the spotlights reflecting in the Mist produced by the Niagara Falls. There are rows of spotlights that are aimed at the Falls to illuminate them during the evening. It's a wonderful site to visit. There are Casinos on the Canadian and American side of the Falls; I believe they all have spotlights sweeping the sky as you can see in the video. There are two air ports in the region; The Buffalo International airport, and the Niagara Falls airport. They both run planes for passengers, or freight. As well as research companies flying there planes from there as well. There is a Air Force Reserve that flys out of the Niagara Falls airport. And finally there are sight seeing helicopters that fly the Falls for tourists. Given all this I think this lights should be ascribed to man made sources.

But who knows, maybe some E.T.s are taking in the sights. And trying there luck at the Casinos! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: UFO HOTBED for MONTHS, yet NO one is doing anything   Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:17 pm

Thank you for sharing your videos with us. I have to agree with Neutron as there is nothing much to tell as to what is going on. It could be reflections of the mist or some other phenomena going on. The sales pitch indicates something major will be on the videos, but when one watches them it turns out to be nocturnal lights type footage.
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PostSubject: Re: UFO HOTBED for MONTHS, yet NO one is doing anything   

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UFO HOTBED for MONTHS, yet NO one is doing anything
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