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 Global Conflicts Conspiracy?

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PostSubject: Global Conflicts Conspiracy?   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:45 pm

Over the last ten months since my siting, I have read a great many thoughts here on the board from a broad spectrum of people. Those that have seen, those that have not, those that believe, those that don't, and most amazing of all, those that want everybody to believe that they have seen.

Now that I know for a fact that the government, Illuminati, corporate greedies, what ever the case may be, have been running some sort of sham over humanity, as Niki has so eloquently put, more questions have been raised than those that I had before.

One of the questions that I have is that, is the proverbial rabbit hole that I have only peered into bad, or good. Along with a great many, I had trusted the government (even though a republican, i thought generally the same for demo-craps (yes it's a pun, laugh a little)) had the best interest of the American people and Humanity at heart.

Like I suspect many had, after my siting, I dove into the Internet whole hog. Although I could turn my computer on, read email, type a word document (and of course carousing the occasional nudy site................what do you want, I'm a dude), I hadn't been to too many of the more recent boondoggles such as You-Tube, Face-book and the such. I consider myself pretty much Internet UN-savvy. But anyway, back to my original point, after my siting, I went to as many things as I could find.

On these sites, I came across a ton of the conspiracy theories, you know the Twin Towers crap, David Eick and the lizard people, Blossom Goodchild (boy was that one wrong) and the such. Some of the more prevalent theories intrigued me.

Now with respect to conflicts in these theories. I have seen the what I considered wackos, say the the war in the Gulf (number 1) was over nothing but oil, 9/11 was actually charges set by the CIA, and that the wars now are only for the money grubbing Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Thinking that this wasn't so, now, because I know they are pulling off the greatest lie of all, I'm not so sure. I now know if they can cover up one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind thus far, and quite possibly ever, they can pull those off, so, even now as distasteful as they may seem, I am forced to keep an open mind to those theories proposed.

This being said, what if there is a conspiracy, for all of the above, but for much different reasons than anybody thought. Now me, and I know I will draw the ire of a great many lefties that have been what I think is blinded by rhetoric (including some of the moderators which should refrain from such, even though I really don't mind, I've seen the Bushie/McCainiac comments), I believed in the Invasion of Iraq.

As an Infantryman from the dark-side so to speak, I have the tendency to see things in a different light than most. Making sense to me, will in no way make sense to others. Tactically speaking, WMD's, innumerate UN mandates or not, it made sense in taking down some of the last vestiges of the last zealot mono-theocracies on earth (keep this small point in mind, it will come up again, but in a different split, that until my siting, not even I had seen).

Are you following me so far? Unlike on most other continents on earth, the middle east hold some of the last, most violent, and most hard-line governments on the planet. Now, for an Infantryman, when you take a larger view of things on a global (or middle eastern) map, what is in between the two wars we are currently engaged in? Thats right, Iran, the most violent, mono-theocratic regime on earth.

Where does Iraq fit in you ask? Fundamentally in two ways. First, if you plan to take a government like that down, you need to change the governments propped up by such on each side. Again, where does Iraq fall in when it was an enemy of Iran. The Shia, ardent enemies of the Sunni ( Saddam Hussein), has a vast population there, which, supports Iran, some of the problem with taking down Saddam with respect to the Shia, you have seen. We had to stop the atrocities there, fighting themselves, and fighting others. We had to completely change the way both sides saw themselves and the world. Thus far, it is looking pretty good. Second point for the invasion of Iraq, we took out an A**HOLE, one of our very own creation (somewhat, he was already there, but a better alternative then the Shia uprising of the seventies with Khomeini).

Those two points in which I could go into far greater detail on, I wont, thats more or less for a political board. Now, back to two fronts of the war. We have somewhat completely secured Iraq, or well on it's way, and we are going to close the gap in Afghanistan. We are Installing two fundamentally (in operation, and in idea) two democracies on either side of Iran. Is it starting to come together for you yet?

Bare with me for a few more moments!

Once these two objectives are fully complete, the zealous mono-theocracy in Iran WILL fall. If history has taught us anything, it is this, freedom works. Collapsing the regime in Iran will drain and kill Hamas and the Hezbollah. There, in Iran, in Syria, and in Israel (we see this presently being undertaken in Palestine, but this will come up again shortly).

Now, other conspiracies being considered, you ask where this may tie into UFO's. Here it comes. It has everything to do with WORLDWIDE open disclosure of our visiting friends (and possible enemies).

Are the recent conflicts, although reasons given for invasion being a lie, still a necessity for disclosure. I suspect that it is possible. I believe that regardless of of religious sect, Islamic fundamentalists pose the greatest threat, because if our alien buddies show, those zealots would call them demons from he** no matter what evidence they were presented with, and try to blow them up. Thus, requiring us to hunt them down, and expose of them, permanently.

So, this is the question I wish to pose as ask you to ponder and comment on with the information that I have provided above. Is it possible, that the free nations in the world, are currently engaged in final mop up operations for dangerous countries of the earth (thus the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Palestine), allowing the governments that have withheld information for sixty plus years, to finally disclose that we are not alone, and that they in fact are here.

Now I know it's popular to have sinister governments (and republicans) at the center of conspiracies, but is it possible this is the avenue approached, thus having our best interests at heart!
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PostSubject: OWO   Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:56 pm

What is happening is not a New World Order, but an Old World Order. Corporations and the powerful families that own them have run the world for a long time. The wars are big profit machines, and most of the modern ones are for oil.

There are a few books I think you would be interested in:

"The Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs

"Alien Agenda" by Jim Marrs

"Rule By Secrecy" by Jim Marrs

"UFOs, JFK, and Elvis: Conspiracies You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Believe" by Richard Belzer (funny book, but well researched and has a huge bibliography in the back)

"Flying Saucers and Science" & "Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill Experience" by Stanton Friedman

"Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock

"Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals" by Colin Wilson

"Roswell Revisited" and "The Randle Report: UFOs in the 90s" by Major Kevin Randle

All the above books are good for starting, as they give an idea as to what is going on. Jim Marrs gives the reader the choice to make up their own mind (add his book "Crossfire" about the JFK assassination to the list). Major Randle and Stanton Friedman are quite respected and tell it like it is.

The interesting thing is trying to sort out through the web of ideas and theories out there. Most of the books I mentioned are by respected researchers or journalists.

BTW, a recent respected journal found traces of explosive in the dust from 911:


raw story is a great site for alternative news.
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Location : Land of Enchantment
Registration date : 2009-03-08

PostSubject: Re: Global Conflicts Conspiracy?   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:56 pm

Jim Marrs also has a book about 9/11. I can't remember the name right now, but I have it in my Jim Marrs collection. Jim Marrs is awesome! I believe he also has an article in the new issue of UFO Mag.
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Number of posts : 34
Location : Abingdon, VA
Registration date : 2009-03-30

PostSubject: Re: Global Conflicts Conspiracy?   Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:34 pm

Im reading Alien Agend by him now, almost about half way through, good book, usually I'd be done by now, but some other
stuff has been taking up my time.
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PostSubject: other books   Sat Apr 18, 2009 5:09 pm

Other books by Jim Marrs:

"The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty" (2006)

"Crossfire: The Plot to Kill Kennedy" (1993) Oliver Stone's "JFK" is based on this book.

"Psi Spies: The True Story of America's Psychic Warfare Program" (2007)

"Above Top Secret: Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age" (2008)

Laurence Gardner is another good author to look into.

"Holy Blood, Holy Grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln came out in the late 1970s way before the Da Vinci Code. It is that well researched book which led down the path to the links between the Freemasons, Knights Templar and an amazing secret from the past. Try to find the original copy of the book.

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Number of posts : 219
Registration date : 2009-03-26

PostSubject: BEST BOOKS   Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:07 pm

Here's a post I found on a book review site where the poster lists all the different categories of his "Best Books" on UFO/ALIENS subject ... he seperates into different categories....

By Sergei Chernov (Kiev. Ukraine) - See all my reviews

The healthy, spiritual and scientific parts of UFOlogy

It is obvious not all aliens are totally benevolent, or totally treacherous. This divides UFOlogists in 5 separate clans.
Clan 1) Those who suggest aliens are bad news to humanity. This group has strong leaders like David Icke, K. Turner, David Jacobs and many abductees.
Clan 2) Those who suggest aliens are not totally malicious and dangerous, because they care less about us. This is the opinion of Maximillien de Lafayette and Zecharia Sitchin, although these two authors do not always agree with each other. Sitchin says the Anunnaki came to earth to mine for gold and enslave humans. De Lafayette said this is silly. Highly advanced civilizations with mind blowing technology of millions of years do not need to come to earth searching for gold. With their advanced technology they can create gold on their own planets. It is rudimentary.
Clan 3) Those who believe aliens are our brothers and angels. This group belongs to New Age and New Cultic Religions. No solid ground for this.
Clan 4) Those who suggest aliens are Satan Great Deception. This group belongs to fanatics, Rapture people, and those who believe each word of the Bible. They are in the millions.
Clan 5) Von Daniken's followers. This author has been ridiculed by both UFOlogists and scientists. His claims are so childish and stupid.

In my opinion, Maximillien de Lafayette is the only historian and scholar who makes sense to me. Because he explains to his readers the whole spectrum from scientific, religious and cosmological angles. And being a linguist who wrote dictionaries on Sumerian and Babylonian languages, he was privileged to CORRECTLY translate the Sumerian epics allegedly contributed to the Anunnaki.
Lafayette also brings the spiritual aspect of extraterrestrials without falling in the trap of religions. His last 4 books which reflect his opinions provide ample documentation about the spirituality or maybe the metaphysical importance of some alien races. He named only one race, the Anunnaki.

Importance of published books on UFOlogy and author' opinions:
Tons of books were written. Nowadays anybody can write on this subject and post crazy opinions on the Internet, free of charge and without any difficulty. This created confusion and generated silly forums and outrageous discussions.
One of the readers of M. de Lafayette came up with a list claiming the 20 best books of all time. Although I agree with some titles, the rest is not totally accurate. I AM A VIVID READER of books on UFOlogy and aliens. As such, I have my own list based upon serious research. I propose the following:

1: Anunnaki, UFOs, Extraterrestrials & Afterlife Greatest Information As Revealed by De Lafayette: Selections from his 50 years of studying with Anunnaki Ulema, his secret findings & his writings, by Maximillien de Lafayette
2: De Lafayette Mega Encyclopedia of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Aliens Encounters & Galactic Races: Ufology From A To Z: TIME-SPACE, TRAVEL, ANUNNAKI, GRAYS, HYBRIDS, ABDUCTIONS, PARALLEL UNIVERSES, by Maximillien de Lafayette
3: When Time Began: Book V of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) by Zecharia Sitchin
4: Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence by Timothy Good
5: On the Road to Ultimate Knowledge, by Ilil Arbel and Maximillien de Lafayette
6: The Threat, by David Jacobs

1: Book of Ramadosh.13 Anunnaki-Ulema Mind Power Techniques To Live Longer, Happier, Healthier, Wealthier: Paranormal, alien life, occult, extraterrestrials, UFO, supernatural, PSI, ESP, multiple dimensions, by Maximillien de Lafayette
2: The Grail Enigma: The Hidden Heirs of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by Laurence Gardner

1: ANUNNAKI ENCYCLOPEDIA: History, Nibiru life, world, families, secret powers, how they created us, UFO, extraterrestrials, by Maximillien de Lafayette

1: The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy by David Icke
2: Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M. Greer
3: Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara
4: Above Top Secret: Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age by Jim Marrs
5: Uninvited Guests: A Documented History of Ufo Sightings, Alien Encounters and Coverups by Richard Hall
6: The Truth Behind Men in Black: Government Agents -- or Visitors from Beyond by Jenny Randles
7: Roswell UFO Crash Update: Exposing the Military Cover-Up of the Century by Kevin D. Randle

1: Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups by Stanton T. Friedman, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and Dr. Bruce Maccabee
2: The Phoenix Lights by Lynne D. Kitei, Paul Perry, and Gary E. Schwartz
3: The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence by Peter A. Sturrock

1: De Lafayette Mega Encyclopedia of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Aliens Encounters & Galactic Races: Ufology From A To Z: TIME-SPACE TRAVEL ,ANUNNAKI,GRAY, Parallel UNIVERSES by Maximillien De Lafayette
2: UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973 by Richard M. Dolan and Jacques F. Vallee
3: Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Otherdimensional Beings by Philip J. Imbrogno
4: The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia: The Most Compreshensive Single-Volume UFO Reference in Print by William J. Birnes
5: Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-Up by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt
6: 460,000 Years of UFO-Extraterrestrials Biggest Events and Secrets from Phoenicia to The White House: From Nibiru, Zetas, Anunnaki, Sumer To Eisenhower, MJ12, CIA, Military Abductees, Mind Control by Maximillien De Lafayette
7: The Phoenix Lights by Lynne D. Kitei, Paul Perry, and Gary E. Schwartz
8: Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence by Timothy Good
9: Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction by Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden
10: Anunnaki, UFOs, Extraterrestrials & Afterlife Greatest Information As Revealed by De Lafayette: Selections from his 50 years of studying with Anunnaki Ulema, his secret findings & his writings by Maximillien De Lafayette
11: EXTRATERRESTRIALS, UFO, NASA-CIA-ALIENS MIND BOGGLING THEORIES, STORIES AND REPORTS: Anunnaki, Zeta Reticuli, Area 51, Abductees, Whistleblowers, Conspirators. The Real & THE FAKE by Maximillien De Lafayette
12: Exempt from Disclosure: The Black World of UFOs: WP Vaults & Roswell, Site 51, Los Alamos by Robert M. Collins and Richard C. Doty
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PostSubject: thank you   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:21 pm

LakeHurstNJ, the author of the post seems to be most interested in Zacharia Sitchin's books and ideas. The problem with Mr Sitchin is that he was never schooled in the translation the tablets mentioned in his books. While I find his books interesting, I think Mr Sitchin is way off base. Here is a website that counters the claims of Zacharia Sitchin:

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PostSubject: Re: Global Conflicts Conspiracy?   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:36 pm

Hmmmm...........good booklists, but any other comments on initial topic?
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PostSubject: Re: Global Conflicts Conspiracy?   

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Global Conflicts Conspiracy?
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