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 Howdy folks

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PostSubject: Howdy folks   Wed Apr 15, 2009 1:23 pm

Hi, my name is Tracey.
I thought I would pop in and say hello. I have been a paranormal investigator for many years and I don't see myself slowing down anytime soon. I guess inherited the passion for anything spooky from my dad; a retired Army Sergeant. He used to go ghost hunting and wouldn't let me go because I was too young at the time lol. I have been exploring spooky places since the age of 16 and still going strong.

I write paranormal fiction and non fiction, articles and conduct occasional interviews with peeps in the paranormal field. I am a volunteer writer for two websites.

Oddly enough what got me interested in UFOs as much as ghost hunting is a particular paranormal investigation here in Indiana. In April of 2001 I researched a place known as 'Lucky Point' which is a well-known local paranormal and UFO hotspot close to Vincennes Indiana. Lucly Point is just a big desolate field with higher up woods on one side of the dirt road and the field on the other side.

After reading all the reported accounts that had happened there in the past, I knew I wanted to check it out. My husband and I drove the 200 miles to Lucky Point. We were mainly going for the ghosties. We *weren't* expecting to witness a UFO... but we did. I was lucky enough to have caught it on tape which I recently had converted from VHS. It showed intelligence simply because it interacted with us. All the classic signs of a sighting. No sound, nature surrounding us.. frogs, crickets etc... became quiet. The object came from the sky at amazing speeds and angles. Lights appeared around the object. It was astonishing to us. Although the sighting lasted a minute or two I think about it all the time.

Since that time, I have watched the skies and let me just say this. If people only took the time to look away from their Blackberries, Ipods and other gadgets, and simply just take the time to watch the sky, they might be amazed at what they see.

We have been camping out at Lucky Point every Summer since then, and yes we have experienced a few other things there.

It seems though that we didn't have to leave home to see something strange in the sky. September of 2008 my husband and I were standing on our side porch just chatting about life in general. UFOs were the furthest thing from our minds at that point. We happened to be facing the East when we both saw erm.. an object flying extremely low and extremely fast across the sky in our backyard. It was heading North to South. Part of me wants to say a meotorite, but what I don't understand is that it was not falling from the sky, it was flying *across* the sky. For the lack of better terminology, I have to say it was 'cloaked or invisible' Sounds silly I know. The best I can explain what I mean is that is was an extremely large 'dim glow' and it made no sound. We ran across the backyard and watched helpless as it dissappeared in the horizon.

I can't stress enough to please take the time whenever you are able, and watch the sky. There ARE things that cannot be explained.

If you are intrigued about Lucky Point, and have time or are bored or something =P try googling 'Lucky Point Knox County Indiana' very cool stuffs.
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Howdy folks
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