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 The "Elite."

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Keyholder for Area 51

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PostSubject: The "Elite."   Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:07 pm

I find it odd that little if any attention is ever given to the alleged enemy of the UFO topic, and that enemy is generally called the Elite. The component parts to this picture include the military (following orders), and unnamed esoteric group, and the seeming top of the heap which goes by a few different names. Whatever the full and true picture is, they are psychopaths, plain and simple.

... without an understanding of this new subspecies, their capabilities, and how they differ from us we will be 'as sheep amongst the wolves', ripe for the picking. Given the political and economic scandals of the last ten years, it's amazing that this topic has not received further attention. It also explains how large banking conglomerates, corporations and intelligence agencies can function without a moral compass, sacrificing the lives of countless innocent people and justifying their actions with an appropriate ideological mask. The phenomenon of psychopathy affects the lives of everyone on the planet, and we as a society require a comprehensive understanding if we are to navigate the difficult waters of the new millennium.

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Mike Good
CE 1

Number of posts : 155
Location : Left Field, California
Registration date : 2009-03-12

PostSubject: Re: The "Elite."   Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:23 pm

Thanks for the article OC.

It was very enlightening, although probably not in the way it was intended. I have, off and on, entertained thought of studying psychology. But I rejected the idea because, as human memes go, it is little better than reading goat entrails. It is a bit of an intellectual rabbit hole, with its own jargon and obtuse confabulated mental projections constructed from large swathes of myopic reductionism actively divorced from very much big picture ideation. Here is typical sample of the paganist mumbo-jumbo drawn from your linked article:

"While the two proposed alternatives have evidence and logic to support the reasons why there is a genetic basis to antisocial behavior in general, they fail to enumerate the evolutionary cause of psychopathy specifically."

Oh, I see, Darwinist evolution "causes" sociopathy. Rolling Eyes

Darwinism depends on the idea of "survival of the fittest". In practice, this is interpreted as "competition". Gee, do you think social encouragement of competitive social memes could have a knock-on effect of encouraging sociopathy because certain lazy or mentally deficient types find it easier to manipulate others than to compete on a level playing field? What if we had social models that did not emphasize competition and thus did not, from an early age, cast young impressionable individuals into contrived models of socio/intellectual hierarchies based on their relative mental ability to game the system? Do you think that arbitrary accidental happenstances of childhood socio/economic status might further cause feelings of inferiority in young impressionable children who then "act-out" in order to get a foot up on a system that actively represses them from their disadvantaged start?

This Darwinist model of social stratification is false from the get go, because the most successful social structures are cooperative and not competitive. Whoops. Does that mean that our reductionist social and psychological models are part of the problem and not a rational or even sensible way of evaluating the situation - much less invoking solutions?

I notice that this deeply intellectual treatise only attempts a passive look at the problem without a hint of attempting evaluation of the problem or positing solutions. So, essentially it is just academic mental masturbation rather than a proactive system for addressing social woes.

Goat entrails indeed. Suspect

But I do agree with you about the innate psychopathy of the "elite" as you call them. What you are really describing is a society apart, or in tandem to our greater society.

This again is a product of sociopathic fragmentation caused by fear induced ideas of military "needs" facilitated by "security" (a euphemism for insecurity) ploys dependent on secrecy. When militarism is done in secret, we are all victimized by forces outside of our awareness. Being that these secret societies are inherently militarist in nature, they are slaves to fears and selfish motivations. These things are inherently sociopathic in nature. They exist only to "improve" our ability to kill, maim or dominate arbitrary others in the pursuit of self serving, and thus inherently sociopathic social policies.

This is institutionalized madness. This is self-destructive social schizophrenia. This is culture in suicidal mode. And this quote from your linked article explains how the destructive meme is perpetuated:

"What's worse is that their [the sociopaths'] thinking, or paralogic, if accepted by a normal human mind will slowly twist the thought processes, allowing the psychopath to effectively manipulate a normal human to do his bidding."

It sure sounds like Mom and apple pie to me! Annie, get your gun! There are varmints to dispatch! Wrap it all up in a pretty American flag and serve it up piping hot at your next Tea Party, and we can all celebrate the putrefying cancerous decay of human culture!

Welcome to the party kids! clown

Cheers!! What a Face

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Keyholder for Area 51

Number of posts : 1019
Age : 68
Location : Texas
Registration date : 2009-10-15

PostSubject: Re: The "Elite."   Sun Jun 13, 2010 5:25 pm

My take on science is one of trying, and without trying we will not get to where we belong, ie, understanding the mechanics of the subject. Darwin was a pioneer, a first view of a subject automatically rejected by the religious of his time, a belief in existence for over 5000 years since it appeared on the planet. They were always right, and anyone who challenged them was in trouble.

Today we ponder the Darwin approach, add ET to the mix, and now "we" are Darwinian in the approach of ET genetic manipulation, and it could be nothing more than an imitation of something seen; activation of mirror neurons. Science ponders the brain change 40,000 years ago; we add - was ET here? I would say yes, but maybe they didn't do anything ... maybe we did it. The idea is, we don't know for sure, but, if we don't try we get nowhere.

I am aware of the screw-ups made in psychological evaluations, but we aren't perfect yet (and at the rate we are going, may never be). Regarding sociopathy, they seemingly can't decide whether sociopath or psychopath should be used. My take? Let me know when you get it ironed out; I have created my own picture in the mean time using both terms. I'll update when you do LOL.

You can't be hard on pioneers (thinkers) or those who work in particular field because it's always a work in progress. Dr A. Garrett Lisi contemplates the unified theory on a surf board - is he a nut? Yeah, the kind of nut that figures things out eventually.

No matter what the cause behind sociopathic behavior, the bottom line is that it exists. Brain scans have shown a complete lack of "feeling" for others when shown pictures that should cause said "feeling". Were they born this way? Did they develop this approach because of "things" that went on in their lives? Who cares ... they exist. And it seems that lack of caring is destroying our world, and eventually us along with it. I have two pictures that show a real problem: One is 911, and the second if the Gulf Oil mess. Both were deliberate. Who cares if every T is uncrossed or every I is undotted in the study of these idiots? We have a problem, and in the last "message" we have gone through a "judgment" before God. What's coming regarding the execution?

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PostSubject: Re: The "Elite."   

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The "Elite."
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