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 Does the Government have a Plan for Dealing with Contactees?

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PostSubject: Does the Government have a Plan for Dealing with Contactees?   Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:53 pm

If the government is entirely aware of all of the UFO Alien/Extraterrestrial activity, as is widely presumed, and most of the activity, apparently, relating to the abduction phenomena and Abductees/Contactees in particular, wouldn’t the Government have a plan already in place for dealing with and keeping tabs on these so-called Abductees/Contactees?

A plan to monitor them?

A plan to find out who these Contactees are, and what they are about?

A plan to find out just how they've been programmed by those abducting them?

Does the Government see Abductees/Contactees as a 'threat' ? That should be a no-brainer - doesn't the Government see everything as a potential threat?

Lastly, how does the Government deal with perceived threats?

Perhaps a UFO Forum, tied to a national TV show about UFO's, might be a good place for them to gather intel?

Just a thought.



I posted this on another thread already, but perhaps it bears repeating here:

The Disclosure Project - Two-hour Disclosure Witness Testimony DVD 1of2
LINK: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6552475158249898710&q=source%3A014864031437419327370&hl=en

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PostSubject: disclosure   Sat Apr 11, 2009 2:43 pm

The main assumption that has been made is that the government has something to disclose. There is always the possibility that they do not have any extraterrestrial bodies or craft in their possession. I am one to think they do have a limited amount of extraterrestrial items in their inventory, and the many government documents that have turned up seem to suggest this.

I also do not think the government or any of its agencies have any control over who gets abducted or why. I know there is a big part of the UFO community that believes there are places such as Dulce that have humans and aliens working together, but there is not one shred of evidence to support those theories. It is too scary for most people who have been abducted to realize they and the government are powerless to do anything about what is happening.

As I also have stated before, government bureaucracies love to hang on to secrets and are not willing to share with others. It sounds childish, but it is unfortunately true. I do not see any alphabet agency willing to give up any extraterrestrial items anytime soon. Don't look for the POTUS to help in the situation, as he may not have a need to know. President Eisenhower was very smart when he started many agencies while president. He purposely made need to know a top priority, and even made it difficult for most presidents to have all the secrets out there. Author and researcher James Bamford has written a few books about the NSA and its history that suggest these theories. There are documents he shows to back up some of these theories posted here.

Basically, if a presidential candidate states they are for full disclosure, they may not get the real information. President Bush (I) probably did, as he was a former CIA director.

A short answer to your query, no the government does not have any real plans for monitoring abductees or contactees. They probably don't know who is really being abducted and those who are having other experiences.

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Does the Government have a Plan for Dealing with Contactees?
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