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PostSubject: NEW BOOK OF INTEREST TO YOU   Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:17 pm


This story takes place within the United States Intelligence Community. It involves the NSA, the NPIC, the CIA, the White House, Security Council and the U.S. Military and their combined efforts to resolve a major new crisis never before seen. It is not the classic espionage or murder mystery so often associated with the Intelligence Community or one of the numerous unrealistic stories written about it. This threat is new and must be handled by the very best people the Community has to offer using the spy craft tools available to them. It is about these people--your wife or husband, relative, neighbor or friend who are dedicated to defend their Country and who serve in necessary obscurity while carrying such a heavy responsibility. People with dignity and honor who are often sacrificed by political decisions and unable to speak out! And it deals with the all too common security leak and how the press may deal with balancing the public’s right to know verses disclosing delicate, sensitive intelligence. The World is a dangerous place and must change how countries and people interact with each other.
This threat inadvertently brings the U.S. and China together to negotiate, if possible, a peaceful end to a very real and dangerous situation concerning World peace. As the story unfolds it gives the reader a view of the Intelligence Community and China seldom ever seen. In addition, it reflects a view on the complex issues concerning U.S. relationships between friend and adversary alike.
It is about the seasoned intelligence officers and the new, highly educated young people who are being recruited and hired to replace them. It shows the mentoring of these future intelligence officers and what they teach each other as the on-the-job process unfolds. And while the World may be on the brink of a terrible disaster, life goes on in ignorance as the professional intelligence officers carry out their sworn duties.
The story unfolds in 1993 when a young man is hired by the National Photographic Interpretation Center, now known as the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and assigned to a seasoned photographic analyst to mentor him in the art of turning photographic data into intelligence. The mentor is at the end of his career, and has never taken the time to prepare for life after retirement. They become close friends as the young analyst tries to help his mentor cope with his life of lost opportunities. Soon after his mentor’s retirement, this young interpreter finds something in China that defies logic. His mentor returns to help him in this most important and difficult task. Due to the mentor’s past experience and his contacts throughout the intelligence community, the process of resolution begins thrusting this young man into the very highest levels of government and interaction with analysts like him at other agencies. It is through this interaction that he finds the love of his life. As they discuss how to proceed, the mentor reflects back to similar experiences he has played a part in resolving. Our young analyst sees the very best and worst in how the government deals with critical security issues.
This book, while a work of fiction, will give the reader a different view on how the Intelligence Community may function and how its dedicated people carry out their assigned duties. This in contrast to the numerous stories written by those who may have never had such experiences.

Bio: The author has 45 years experience in the U.S. Intelligence Community. During this period he has held a variety of positions ranging from analyst to managing high priority national targets vital to America’s security. He has briefed his areas of responsibity to senior U.S. government officials including National Security Council members, various Directors of Central Intelligence (DCI), and a cross section of Pentagon officials including Secretaries of Defense. He has received numerous awards including the prestigious National Intelligence Medal of Achievement given to him by the then DCI, now Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.
This is the authors’ first book.
All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official positions or views of the CIA or any other U.S. Government agency. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying U.S. Government authentication of information or Agency endorsement of the author’s views. This material has been reviewed by the CIA to prevent the disclosure of classified information.
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