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 UFO hunters 5/25/10 6:00-7:00 P.M. EST Boomerang UFO Identified (probably)

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PostSubject: UFO hunters 5/25/10 6:00-7:00 P.M. EST Boomerang UFO Identified (probably)   Tue May 25, 2010 11:54 pm

During the History Channel's airing of UFO Hunters today a large boomerang-shaped UFO is described and footage is shown. The aircraft is described as being 300' to 400' across and was "chased" by four military aircraft.

Footage shown of the UFO clearly showed a light (albeit dimmer than the six "orbs" on the aircraft's wings) where a tail assembly would presumably be. This light, along with the "orbs" along the wings describe the general outline of an Antonov AN-225 Heavy Transport aircraft. The wingspan of the AN-225 is 290' 2" which matches closely to the expert's estimates. Viewed from the ground an AN-225's back-swept wings bearing six engines (each placed progressively further toward the rear of the craft) do lend a boomerang shape to the aircraft. I propose that the oblong "orbs" are nothing more than jet exhaust.

As only one Antonov AN-225 is currently in service, a sighting of one would be extremely rare. Perhaps this is why the gentleman, who was familiar with military aircraft, could not identify it as such. Also, the AN-225 is not a military aircraft, but is sometimes rented for extremely heavy lifting. I expect the "chasing" aircraft were merely an escort. Oddly, the sighted object is described as turning without banking. This is unlikely behavior for an Antonov, but perhaps the eyewitness was mistaken due to the dark conditions.

I believe that UFOs are out there; it seems arrogant to presume that in the entire cosmos we alone arose from the mud. Certainly the witness, and perhaps your panel of experts, were unable to identify the massive flying object, but in this particular case I think what was seen was simply an extremely rare (indeed, one of a kind) cargo plane. Keep on fighting the good fight. Maybe one day we'll all have the proof we crave.

Eli Loy
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UFO hunters 5/25/10 6:00-7:00 P.M. EST Boomerang UFO Identified (probably)
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