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 Elder on a levitation device

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PostSubject: Elder on a levitation device   Sun May 23, 2010 5:41 pm

I have to post this one that happened to me about 4 or 5 weeks ago.

I was asleep when I began to dream I was in our front yard again next to our very large and old oak tree. It was twilight but still ligth enough to see the surroundings. I was standing there looking west again and looked over across the road to the woods. I must say, the woods did not look full like the woods you would see if you looked over at them now when awake, rather the woods were from somewhere else or time and alot less dense with barbed wire fencing running along the road to keep people out or something in. Back in the 60s when we came here, it looked like that than with the barb wire fence. The oak tree I was next to looked the same as it is now when seen in the wakeful state along with the driveway and road. Of course the old oak tree was as large than in 1962 as it is now.

Standing there, I could see something over there in that woods that looked like a disk with someone sitting on the top in the middle in a seat that was all part of the craft. The seating was open and the lone occupant was seated there and observing me. A girl walked up to the back of the disk and I thought it was my youngest sister but can't be sure because I had my attention on the disk as it levitated up and came across the road.

Now, it came down right next to me on the driveway as I stood next of the old oak tree facing west. The whole scene was other worldly surreal like as the craft with the sitting occupant and that girl standing on the back set down and I looked at them. The girl stepped off the back of the craft and in a uniform with a dark top, belt, pants and a type of boot walked away. This being seated on the craft didn't move or say anything. It just sat there as if I was suppose to do something. I looked at it and this guy was like an ancient pale man dressed in light colored linen cloth draped over its entire body like a robe. His uncovered head hair was like the way Charlton Heston's was made in the greatest story ever told when he was moses. No beard but the face was long and wise looking and very old slanted up eyes.

Suddenly I was flat out next to the oak tree just laying there. I could see the ancient guy still sitting on his craft looking at me. Than he reaches over and across my face and says in my head, " I have to do this " as he pulls up two round glowing orbs and places them over my eyes as they turn to bright intense light I can see from my behind my closed eyelids. I was out of it and immobile with the feeling as if I was being moved above and across the front lawn. I than had the sensation something unseen had a hold of my right foot at the heel and was lifting me along. I could see nothing but darkness but I could see my leg in the raised position as something unseen was pulling on the ball of my foot with a lot of force. It felt like I was being lifted or they were trying to take something from my right foot and leg.

It almost was like in 88 when they took my life force from my left side. I awoke and felt my right foot buzzing and tingle. Wouldn't ya know it. I had been having trouble with mostly my left foot. Now my right foot went to hell. I had to see the doctor twice after this and will be back again June 1st on the foot problems. I cannot walk sometimes and it was mostly my left foot now they got my right foot all snookered. I think they are taking me apart.
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Elder on a levitation device
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