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 Neural network visitors

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PostSubject: Neural network visitors   Sun May 23, 2010 4:53 pm

1994 or abouts I was home off the road from trucking coast to coast. I usually stayed out for 3 weeks and came home for 10 days. That is unless I had the urged to hit the road rather than sit home. It was an adventure like no other being able to see the road in all 48 states.

I was home for a spell and had this dream I was in the front yard standing there looking west and this oval craft came down with landing legs extended. It had a blast of flame shooting from the center of the bottom as it slowly descended till it touched down between three small trees we had growing there. A port opened on the side of the craft facing me with a walkway extending out and to the ground.

A little Grey alien had come out and walked down the plank to the ground as it looked over at me watching it. It had a tray in its right hand with something on it. It would reach onto the pan and pickup something and set it on or in the ground. It did this a number of times after which another little gray came to the portal as the one on the ground placing something in the ground kind of turned to the one still on the craft in the portal.

The one on the ground looked at me again as it re-entered the craft and the portal shut with flames starting to come out of the bottom as it rose into the air. The next day I awoke and the dream was so vivid I told the family. My youngest sister came over and heard me telling everyone the story and she goes, hey, where did you see this and I told her out front between the oak trees.

My sister was all excited as she said come outside and point out where the thing came down. I did as she said come over here and look at this. There on the ground in that exact place where the alien was placing something on the ground was a perfect ring of black mushrooms growing. These weren't the kind that look like button tops. They were like black half moon slices growing up and in a perfect circle about 5 feet in diameter.

We didn't have a camera so could not take pictures but the mushrooms grew there about 6 inches high and went finally away never to return. They kind of looked like those fins on the back of a dinosaur called Stegosaurus
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PostSubject: Re: Neural network visitors   Thu May 27, 2010 3:41 am

I photochopped what I saw in the yard.

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Neural network visitors
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