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 Hello out there

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PostSubject: Hello out there   Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:17 pm

I have been a fan of UFO Hunters since it began. I think that the second season has found its path, and look forward to them. Mr Birnes is fun to watch, and while I disagree with him sometimes, he at least is not afraid to speak his mind. No one would ever accuse him of thinking inside the box!

I look forward to posting here, and sharing my thoughts on what is going on out there.
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PostSubject: about myself   Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:18 pm

While I do believe we have been visited by aliens in the past and present, I do not necessarily believe all the claims out there. I am one who is looking for the proof positive that this phenomena is happening. I am also putting together the little pieces of information together to make the one large puzzle out there.

Here are some things I do believe:

1. Betty and Barney Hill were actually abducted.

2. Lonnie Zamora and others have some of the best flying saucer encounters on record.

3. Colonel Gordon Cooper discusses UFOs in his book "Leap of Faith". He also debunks some of the myths about the astronauts and the moon. His own encounters are among the best out there.

4. Kevin Randle is among the best researchers out there. I do not agree with all his conclusions, but like how he wants to get the truth. He is not afraid to tell it like it is, and has received much criticism from some in the UFO research community for his bluntness. He makes the best case for Roswell being an extraterrestrial craft.

5. Stanton Friedman is another personality who has made some enemies out there. He is a tireless researcher who is very entertaining to read. While the MJ-12 documents are dubious at best, his research on them has found many documents and information that would otherwise never have been discovered.

What I do not like about the UFO research community:

1. Too many people take what is said as the truth. They do not investigate them thoroughly, and that is why the respect is not there for this topic.

2. exopolitics or disclosure: Whistle blowers come forward with a fantastic story, and if one does not believe what is said, they are called a disinformation agent. Vetting or other means need to be had to determine what is the truth out there. I will take everything said from whistle blowers with a grain of salt until they have something to help back up their stories. Many sites have people spend a lot of money to join and get what should be knowledge that is open to all. If they ask for money, it is OK to question them.

3. Abductees, contactees. There are many people who claim to be either an abductee or a contactee. There needs to be more research done to determine the validity of such claims. Sleep paralysis and other neurological disorders may make up for some of these claims, but some may be for real. Hypnotic regression can be fantasy made to be real, or it could be the real deal. More is needed to collect the physical proof in order to help prove claims.
As for contactees, physical proof should be needed to believe the claims made by some of these people. Too many charlatans are out there trying to sell books and DVDs.

4. Having a thin skin, not allowing skeptics. Some sites do not allow skeptics or anyone to question the claims made. That is plain wrong, as questions are needed to get more answers. As many scientists state: Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. I also do not like personal attacks from either side. It is one thing to question someone's experience, it is another to put them down for it. I have no time for people who just want to put others down. If I do not believe what happened to the person making the claim, I will ask some tough questions. I will not be rude, and will consider the feelings of the claimant when asking the questions. I have no sympathy for hoaxers, and they are open to me getting Medieval on them.

I hope this helps people see where I am coming from. I may believe the story, but will still ask the tough questions. The best way to gain knowledge is to ask the questions and look for the answers.
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Hello out there
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