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 Abductee story of the other, non abduction

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PostSubject: Abductee story of the other, non abduction   Mon May 17, 2010 6:45 pm

I am an abductee and some day will write my event out. This story is about that which begins after an abductee is taken from the corporeal state to the ethereal astral plane state. Yes, reality breaks and the hidden enters awareness for the rest of the abductees life.

In march 2007 I had a heart attack followed with open heart triple by-pass. I was at the end of the road and the doctor told my son I was done and they could only try to save me with open heart surgery. I had a priest visit for some last words as I told him I'm not afraid and know its my end.

I told my boy to get my things I had put in order for this day and to pull the plug if something goes wrong with the surgery. I was sullen and silent prior to the surgery as I was wheeled in for the procedure to begin. Still silent, I laid on the gurney as I looked around and suddenly felt as if I was leaving my body as it all drifted into darkness.

I came through with absolutely no dreaming or other worldly story other than I was aware I was in total darkness with no activity or contact by anything. It was like I was put on hold in a dark peaceful place. I came back in the ICU many many hours later. I was alive even though I was so ready to go.

Was it a miracle or this god everyone talks about or was it just a case of something wanting me to stay here and continue this life. I may know some day, but not this day. I do know this though. The third day as I was alone laying on the icu bed all wired up with the sun shining through the window at my feet while I was staring out the window at the clear blue sky, I suddenly had that over powering feeling that some one had entered my room.

I continued to look out the window as I could see with my peripheral vision some one at the door just standing there looking in. I at first thought it was a blond nurse at the entrance just standing there. I didn't want to turn and look so kept my head facing the window because now I was curious of who it was and realized this was no person. I had now moved my eyes, but not my head, to look straight ahead at the wall so I could see it better without disturbing it with me turning my head to look at it.

What ever it was it crossed the room from the door and sat in the chair next to my bed and faced me as if observing. Now I had a clear peripheral look and seen it was a blurred human form all grey in color as it just sat in that chair. I finally turned my head to it and it was gone. I knew it would be since the hidden is hidden because we learn this world from frontal sight and peripheral sight is not as learned as side vision.

The following august I was walking my usual walk with my dog around 4:30 in the afternoon. There on the grass ahead of us was a black mesh bag of sorts that fruit comes in. My dog walked over to it and smelled it as I followed over to look down at it. Later that night at 10:30 pm I walk the same route again and there I see that black thing still on the ground. My dog was walking next to me on the left as we began to come up on that thing on the grass.

I was 30 feet away of it still walking while looking at it when a cold blast of wind hit me in the face which stopped me and my dog in our tracks. This wind was blowing harder and harder as that black thing on the grass began to swirl around in a vortex and rise as it went round and round. It than turned to a black misty swirl as if it were smoke or a mist. I stood there in the wind without moving with my mouth open and my dog motionless. This was freaky and beyond real as it swirled like black smoke about shoulder height.

Than, it shot directly at me as I side stepped back to my left with it going by just inches from my chest area. My dog never moved as it flew by and I turned to watch it go by as the wind died down and the black mass turned back into the mesh netting and slowly settled down on the grass about 15 feet behind me.

I stood there and was shocked. Than I realized what just happened and laughed a little with thinking you got me there. I communicated with the hidden by thought their game got me that time and I nervously laughed out loud. I repeated with a verbal notification again as I continued our walk.

Several months on I had an epsisode at home where I was going to collapse while my head was spinning. I made my way to the couch so I would not hit the floor. Suddenly, it was like a loud speaker came on and a voice said in my head, "hang in there big guy" and all of a sudden I snapped back into life as if nothing happened. That was freaky like someone made an adjustment to correct a problem I had.

So is aliens, ufos, bigfoot and all the mystery one can handle real or just part of lifes illusion. I often wonder as I try to collect the facts and connect them to the here and there.
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Abductee story of the other, non abduction
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