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 Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance

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PostSubject: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Sat May 01, 2010 5:39 pm

U.F.O. have fired beams of light at People, Animals, Machines, The Ground, The Ocean and Nuclear Weapons etc. etc. and so on!

Does One Certain Colour from different U.F.O. do the same job/action
I.E. freeze someone, repulse them away, Enable or disable something -you get the idea. OR Are They All Different!

Any beam colour cases and their actions please post to this TOPIC!

Type Of craft or anomolous object, Colour Of beam and Action Of Beam - Old cases or New cases are very welcome. I do not know if anyone has tried to gather information on this before. It was an old idea I had some years ago.

What i'm getting at is all of the Military nations of the World build a certain class of Aircraft, Ship and Submarine. There are many of each! Do our visitors (for want of a better word) do the same? No one researcher can complete this task! It would take a World Wide Investigation.

Are there differnnt types of craft that belong to a specific species, is there a shared technology between certain species. Does the Colour Of The Beam Mean Something Important!

Edited To Add Text.

kind regards

Mac 5
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PostSubject: Re: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Wed May 05, 2010 10:39 am

The explanation below might help to explain the differences in color beams used by UFO's:


When a sufficiently energetic wave (photon) or particle generated by the UFO collides with a molecular electron in the surrounding atmosphere, the electron is impelled past all energy-level vacancies and outside the molecule. The electron becomes a free entity, rattling around between molecules. The molecule that lost the electron is said to be IONIZED; it is a positive ion. If the freed electron attaches to a neutral molecule, a negative ion is formed. If a free electron enters a positive ion, it usually enters one of the normally vacant energy levels and gives off a light quanta (photon) having an energy equal to that given up by the electron. Thus a relatively fast electron would give off a relatively energetic photon, say in the ultraviolet, or blue range.

This electron, occupying what is normally an energy-level vacancy, is in an unstable state. It can't remain because it is attracted toward lower states by the central positive charges. The molecule containing the unstable electron is said to be EXCITED. The electron may cascade down through successively lower energy levels until it arrives at the unfilled ground state, successively giving off light quanta with energies just equal to each change of energy level by the electron. These emissions from the excited molecule depend strongly on the atomic structure and energy-level vacancies of the particular element involved, but are modified by molecular spin.

In excited atoms, the energy transitions are distinct, as are the atomic spectral lines. In excited molecules, on the contrary, the temperature-dependent energy of the rotating "dumbbell" is enough to make the spectra appear to be a continuum, having peaks at high energy concentrations and valleys in the frequency regions in between, where few photons are emitted.

Finally, the energy the electron imparts to each photon determines its wavelength and color. Air molecules can radiate in a kaleidoscope of colors, any color of the spectrum.


All UFO colors stem from energetic, ionizing radiation or radiations, generated by the UFO, which ionize the air.

Of all the visible colors, red and orange correspond to the least energy. They are also the two most common colors associated with UFO low-power operation, such as hovering or low-power maneuvers. The electrons have been given the ionization energy, but not much more, and cascade down in small energy drops corresponding to red or orange. This is statistically probable, as there are more small drops available than big ones.


When a hovering UFO starts to maneuver, it necessarily increases thrust (lift) and power. In such a circumstance, the UFO is generally observed to brighten rather than change color. This brightness would be the result of an increase in the activation power that the UFO puts out....while the energy levels of individual events stay fixed. This concept is simply standard quantum mechanics, which explains the changes in brightness as well as the color of the air surrounding a UFO at night.

The brightness change together with the UFO power change clearly show that the UFO radiation causing the brightness is an integral part of the power system. On the other hand, the observed atmospheric colors are a by-product of the power plant radiation quite dependent on the properties of the atmosphere. The colors would probably be quite different on any other planet, and would be characteristic of that planet's atmosphere.
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PostSubject: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Wed May 05, 2010 12:00 pm

WOW - Thankyou very much for takeing the time to post!

I think I understood it!

Many kind regards, Mac 5.
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PostSubject: Re: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Sun May 16, 2010 3:19 pm

I have always wondered though if a certain componant within such a device could determine the colour, regardless of atmosphere?

Please keep posting people, there's more work to do!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Sun May 16, 2010 4:17 pm

Primary colors are red, blue, green or RBG and other color values are combinations of those three colors in visible light spectrum. We know this much, the ufo can be stationary above the planets surface and dark in color. It may have one or more than several lights that are white, yellow, red, blue and when the craft moves, no color change occurs from the crafts hull but the light patterns on the craft may change. So we have seen craft totally illuminate with light spectrum activity to craft now only having triangle locations of light source or a center light source or combination of.

As for ufo beams, they follow the same spectrum value pattern of visible light and sometimes touch the person, ground or stop mid air as if a solid lit object extended only so far from the source. These light beams seem to have many purposes and I think the color has little to do with the beams purpose. Just like a laser beam can be white, red, blue or green, the ufo lights a path to a point when meeting a solid object.

One thing to consider, we have laser light read data from specific material where information is stored. Perhaps the ufo beam is not median specific as it reads situational sweeps for data.

Back in the summer of 2000 or 2001 I was outside my house looking over the field west of my property. I had this moment as if something bumped my inner self to look up, I did and there in the lightly clouded night sky was an extremely bright blue orb flying due east at approximately 200 miles per hour (just guessing speed, I don't really know for sure). I went wow as it moved just under the broken clouds giving off a blue halo effect as it lit up the underside of the broken clouds.

I also see these extreme points of dense white light but they are far above any cloud cover in the night sky.
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PostSubject: Re: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   Sun May 16, 2010 4:34 pm

I havn't heard of a blue B.O.L. before, it may be worth opening a B.O.L. Topic.

Thanks for shareing Gigas!

best wishes,Mac 5.
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PostSubject: Re: Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance   

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Does The Colour Of The Beam Have Importance
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