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 Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather

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PostSubject: Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:11 pm

He passed away back in 1986 and retired from the USAF. He was in for 30 years and was a commissioned officer in the Army Air corp during WW2. He was planning bombing missions with the 15th Air corp and took part in the North African campaign and Italian among others.
Not to get too lengthy about his career and not wanting to talk about Ufo's or WW2. He did show some real dramatic emotion when E.T the movie came out in 1982. When he was retired he would go to movies with my Grandmother during the day.
My Granmother and I were discussing Ufo's and what he might have known several years after he had passed in her kitchen. My Grandfather's robotic reply everytime in response to Ufo's was there is nothing to them end of subject.
When my Grandmother brought up the movie E.T. while looking at the movie times in front of my Grandfather he got for a better word very angry and upset. She got quite upset just remembering how he acted when she brought up the movie to him.
My Grandmother would never discuss the incident again and pretended not to remember the incident strangely enough.
I remember seeing Star Wars with my Grandfather and he loved that movie but not even the mention of E.T the movie.
Now the good part. I recently discovered a possible photo of my Grandfather in the book Witness to Roswell in that group photo taken in 1947 at the Air War college in Alabama.
I need a roster list for that photo to prove it. How do I do that? I do have factual evidence on a old resume after my Granfather retired that my Grandmother typed showing highlights of his career in USAF going back to WW2.On the resume it shows that he attended the Air War College at Maxwell Airforce base but no date was listed. My mother says that at the time they were living in Selma,Alabama.
I'm 80% -90% sure it's him but can't quite make out the photo for a complete confirmation. Even when they aired the story about Mac Mcgruder's death bed confession on the History channel about dead aliens being viewed by that class at Wright Field my Granfather would of been one of those officers which possibly explains his reaction to the movie E.T. It's a shot in the dark but worth pursuing.
If you look at that group photo on page 238 in the book Witness to Roswell he's the one with black tie standing to our right adjacent to Black Mac Mcgruderwhom the story centers around.
I guess I could get hold of his military records or try to contact the authors of the book for a roster list.


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PostSubject: Re: Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather   Sat May 01, 2010 6:01 am

4real, I would also try finding military friends of your Grandfather if you know them, and they are still around. Your Grandfather's DD form 214 should provide information as well. I hope you get some answers.
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Nancy Birnes
Nancy Birnes

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Location : Pennsy
Registration date : 2009-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather   Sat May 01, 2010 3:01 pm

I hope we will have some more information to help you put the pieces together. First, why don't you look at the Magruder article that we ran in the magazine in Vol. 21, No. 4, Issue #123. Here is a handy link to the PDF:


We are still in contact with the members of Magruder's family, and I'm sure they will have additional info. The memories of that encounter of ET and soldiers must have been unusually strong to create those kinds of reactions from the survivors.
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PostSubject: Re: Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather   Mon May 03, 2010 11:47 am

I am sitting here in near astonishment. Let me explain.

My grandfather was a high-ranking officer in the Army Air Corps. He was also directly involved in the transportation of debris recovered from Roswell immediately after the incident. After the mission, he returned home to his wife and two children (my mother and Uncle) who were very young at the time. He appeared very shaken about something, and just kept telling them how much he loved them. The next day, he described in some detail, what he had seen. It was never discussed after that.

When I was very young, I saw E.T. and, of course, asked many questions of my mother about aliens and if they were real and whatnot. I think I was 10-ish at the time. I remember that this made my mother very uncomfortable. Later that afternoon, or perhaps the next day, my grandfather came to me and told me of his personal account and information. And frankly, I was more than a little iffy about if he was pulling my leg. This was also the time in my life when I was really on the fence about jolly fat guys with flowing beards who delivered presents to all the good boys and girls of the world once a year, and small rabbits who hid brightly colored eggs.

My grandfather showed me something that has made me never question the truth of his story, or the existence of non-terrestrial entities. His medical records. You see, my grandfather seems to have done something quite biologically impossible. His blood type changed. Before he was involved in the transportation, he was one blood type. About a year after, he was involved in an accident and hospitalized. It was discovered at that time that he was no longer that blood type.

Since that day, it has never been spoken of in my family, by anyone. My grandparents have both since passed, and my mother has been diagnosed with the beginning onset of Alzheimer's. It's not uncommon for her, at this point, to be very confused about things.

I've never questioned the validity of what I was told. And I've never questioned that there is more to the universe than humanity. It's just something that I accepted as fact at an early age, much like gravity, taxes, and the fact that fruitcake and meatloaf are rarely edible. But at the same time, it's not something I go around talking about openly either. I think most people who believe understand the stigma involved and why.

I recently came to a decision to try and contact someone in the investigative field to at least pass on the information I was given. I know more about brain surgery than I do about the community of "believers" and the related investigators in the field. I was hoping to jump on the forums here and inquire for contact information from the masses. For this post to be the first thing I read was a bit.... let's just say it hit close and re-affirmed that I am making the right decision.

Thank you, sincerely, for sharing and making me feel a little less alone.
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CE 2

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Location : California USA
Registration date : 2010-04-07

PostSubject: Re Wright Patterson   Mon May 03, 2010 2:01 pm

I lived- existed in Ohio for 7 years.I visited the USAF museum there when I was a kid, they had some grey plastic debris and electrical transitors in a display case which they said was Roswell remnants.
In 1975 summer I was emptying a grass bag into the back of my father's pickup when I saw a low flying convoy- a c47 transport, a small jet a grey disk that made no sound and another small jet all proceeding westward toward the setting over Oakwood OH.
In 1973 a high ranking officer retired from Wright Pat and went to WHIO radio station
he told the DJ/announcer that he had help store the wreckage and bodies in hangar 18
at Wright Pat and that he knew these were from the Roswell incident.
I hope this small piece of coroborration helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather   

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Roswell,Wright Field and My Ret.Lt Col USAF Grandfather
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