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 The Universe vs. Religion

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PostSubject: The Universe vs. Religion   Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:13 pm

The Universe vs. Religion
channeled from the Annunaki 4-23-10

With regard to mankind, it has always been about religion (and the various religious doctrines throughout the world), verses the universe, or information, which the universe is.

One could also make the argument that it has always been about religion verses science. For science, at its most basic, is all about understanding the universe and how things function within the universe.

Looking throughout mankind’s recorded history, it’s easy to see that religion has always impeded science. At every step of the way, religion has continually been challenging science, forcing it to integrate into its worldview, for the most part. Always holding science at bay, every step of the way, until the evidence, from science (evidence slow in coming), was so overwhelming, so overwhelmingly profound, as to make its way into the religiously-based worldview, mandatory.

Then and only then does religion give way, and finding some obscure text or passage, it often changed it to fit the way science says it is.

In effect saying -- "wait, this is what the texts have said all along, and see, they really do fit now", but always after the fact, it seemed.

Looking over the last several thousand years of mankind's history, it's easy to see that over, and over again, religion has impeded science (which is basically information about the universe and how it operates) so as to slow mankind’s progression into the knowledge of science and so to the universe, which once again, is all about information, or as we prefer to call it, enlightenment.

Why is that?

Think about this seriously, for a moment.

Perhaps there are some that have wanted you this way - ignorant, for the most part.

But the universe, and the information therein, was designed for the benifit of all creatures.

How then can any creatures, whether beings of a higher order or not, hold back the information, which is the universe.

Who can hold back the universe?

Well, they can, but not for long.

Humans are becoming enlightened; enlightened creatures coming into the fold, as it were, of the information, which is the universe.


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The Universe vs. Religion
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