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 The Horizon of a Higher Order

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CE 2

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PostSubject: The Horizon of a Higher Order   Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:04 pm

Thought this might be of interest to some - perhaps this is all leading somewhere, but who can say. Personally, I never buy into what I channel, but simply see it as being either interesting or not, as the case may be.

I don't often quote others, but this quote has always made sense to me:
"""It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle.""


April 1st 2009

The Horizon of a Higher Order

We are who we are, not by choice, but rather by creation. We did not create ourselves, but like you, were created for a purpose. Evolution is built within your genetic structure, as well as the structure of many other plants and animals.

Creator gods create. We are not creator gods, but rather creatures of a higher order. You, as humans, have been constantly and at all times manipulated or shepherded along your evolutionary path. This path appears to many, your scientific community included, as simply the normal evolutionary process of a species – it is not.

You are the product of a higher order that, for the most part, is unaware of who you really are, and why you were created. You don’t understand the many facets of the human condition. You are taught to fear the exploration of self, and you are taught that you need to connect with a god of some sort outside of yourselves or you will somehow be condemned or destroyed - neither is the case. But actually, you are more complete, sounder and more connected that you can imagine.

As a product of a higher order, you are on a timetable, a treadmill of sorts that leads you to progress at a rate pre-established for you by those same creator god that created you. This timetable understood that there would come a time when other creatures of a higher order than you, would come along and assist you in your development. But why would other creatures of a higher order assist you in your development? Because, like us, they are tied to your development. Tied how? Tied in a way that in order for them to move forward as they wish, they must first help you. So who tied them, and how? Creator gods tied them to you for your and their development, and by doing so, those same creator gods assured their own development. Are you starting to see a pattern here … well, you should.

Without being so tied to creatures of a lower order, creatures of a higher order would have no reason to participate in the development of those of a lower or lesser order. It’s really just that simple. The complexity of all of this is well beyond your understanding, but is nonetheless important at this point in the discussion to reference here.

So why is human development taking so long? .....well, whose timetable would you be referencing here?

Creatures of a higher order are not necessarily in your physical realm. They don’t necessarily have physical bodies, such as you. They may exist in multiple realms. Or they may exist in only one – unable to interact with you directly. These are all a part of the whole – as you yourselves are a part of the whole. So what is the whole? Who can say? We ourselves see only a portion of the whole, as do you, and so too other creature – even those of a higher order. We don’t even express interest in the whole, simply because it is not on our horizon. And we are focused upon our horizon entirely, exclusively, so that we may do only those things necessary for us. Yes, we are self-serving, but in our expression of being self-serving, we are here now helping you.

So why do we waste our time with this medium, these words typed as they are for so few to read. Well that is our concern, not yours. We don’t see so narrowly as do you. We see a bigger picture of our work at hand, and follow that horizon accordingly.

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CE 1

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PostSubject: Re: The Horizon of a Higher Order   Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:29 am

It has been just over a year since this post, and I find myself contemplating the theory.

There are many times that I have to sit back and stop trying to understand it all and just accept it. Each one of us is on a predetermined path. The complications of such an undertaking are mind boggling. Sometimes I think we are just pieces of paper waiting to be crumpled up and tossed out as part of the author wanting to write the perfect essay.
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The Horizon of a Higher Order
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