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 Other Dimensions of Human Existence

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CE 2

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PostSubject: Other Dimensions of Human Existence   Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:01 pm

Other Dimensions of Human Existence
Channeled from the Annunaki

From a prior discussion:

“So then, what...are... you – both physically, and within these other dimensions, which we have mentioned? And more importantly, why aren’t you aware of these other dimensions, of your existence? And lastly, what do we mean by the term, ‘other dimensions’?”

Humans, simultaneously, exist within others dimensions, besides their physical human form. For the most part, these other dimensions, in which you exist, have been kept from you.

This discussion is not to explore why, your existence within these other dimensions have been kept from you, but rather your existence within these other dimensions themselves.

As we use the term dimensions, what we are really saying is 'other plains of existence'.

For example, your emotional body is one plain – your spiritual plain, another. These are two plains of existence which you inhabit simultaneously as you incarnate within you physical form.

You see, you are NOT spirit, but rather you exist within or are a part of the spiritual plain. You are NOT emotion, but you exist in the emotional plain of existence.

These other plains can be thought of as other facets of a cut diamond. A cut diamond is not its facets – a cut diamond 'has' facets.

Humans have facets – humans have other plains of existence, in which they exist simultaneously. So too, cut diamonds have many facets which exist simultaneously.

This is a good point in time to say that it is best not to over think this part of the comparison – honestly, there really is no higher level of understanding to be garnered here – simply facets of the whole, make up the whole.

So the question is then, In what other dimensions might humans exist?

Well, from our perspective, there are five main facets or dimensions in which humans exist:

1. The Spiritual Body
2. The Intellect
3. The Emotional Body
4. The Physical Body
5. The Higher Self

These facets have within them other facets as well, but for now, these five facets are what we’d like to discuss here.

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CE 2

Number of posts : 212
Registration date : 2009-03-16

PostSubject: Re: Other Dimensions of Human Existence   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:15 am


The Physical Body

First and foremost, the physical body exists as a ‘biological frequency-generating machine’. You are a biological machine which generates a specific frequency for the benefit of others. This is the primary purpose for all human beings. This frequency which humans emit is accomplished via the emotions for the exclusive benefit of those creatures of a higher order, which some might call gods, that created you. These creatures receive energy from these frequency emissions, which you create, in a similar way that you receive energy from the consumption of food. So you could say that, by design, you eliminate one step in their feeding process, in that your consumption of food gets transferred to their energy needs.

One could ask, why didn’t they just create a machine to accomplish this frequency generating task? Well, they did, a biological self-replicating machine that requires no maintenance. Creators create with materials with which they are familiar, and these creators are very familiar with biological machines.

All biological creatures are really biological machines – however, not all biological machines are tasked to provide a frequency which benefits its creators. Some biological units merely house the higher self in the physical plain. You might say that you’re multitasking here, in that you do both.

The Emotional Body

The emotional body is part of the physical body in that the emotions are tied to the genetic structure of the physical body. Put yet another way, the reason you have and are able to emote, is based entirely on genetics – your genetic structure facilitates and allows for your emotions.

All of your emotions are designed to serve one and only one main purpose – to emote the underlying or base frequency of fear. All of your other emotions are tied to, and directly offset or balance, this underlying frequency, you know of as fear.

Fear is NOT a universal emotion – most biological creatures don’t feel or emote the frequency that fear is, as this is really just and add-on emotion which your creators wanted you to feel in order to better serve their particular needs. Some biological creatures feel emotions with which you are not familiar, but which better serve the needs of their creators.

Perhaps, one way to think of your emotional body is as a circuit board which can be designed (via genetic manipulation) to facilitate many uses or many applications which a specific creator has in mind. A biological motherboard if you will.

And one way to think of biological creatures, at least in this discussion, is that like industrial robots, they are designed with similar components, but with specific or particular tasks in mind, and depending on these tasks, their final design and implementation is altered accordingly.

Humans build industrial robots using the materials with which they are familiar – likewise, creator gods build biological machines utilizing materials with which they are familiar, as well.

Of course, the biggest difference being, biological machines can replicate and evolve, both by the intervention of other creatures so inclined to assist in their evolution, and to a lesser extent, on their own, as well. You see, within human DNA, is the ability to evolve.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body is linked (and so too it is the human’s link) to the creation frequency and to the Collective Consciousness as well. One can think of the spiritual body as their link to the Collective Consciousness which itself is linked to the creation frequency.

If there were one underlying master frequency throughout the universe which linked all of creation, to which all things were irrevocably tied, it would be the creation frequency.

And your spiritual body links you to all of this.

The Intellect

The intellect is the functional capacity or capability of the human brain or mind – nothing more.

Information in - information out.

The intellect is of course linked to your other facets or dimensions, as well. The way that other 'non-intellectual' perceptions, or information, make it into your intellect is though (by way of) the other facets or dimensions.

The Higher Self

The higher self is the ‘you’ that continually absorbs all of your experiences from this, as well as all other lives.

It connects with the subconscious mind, but is NOT the subconscious or unconscious mind.

It works with or along with the Collective Consciousness as it sets your course in the here-and-now as well as all of the timing mechanisms that go into each of your incarnations.

Simply put – it can be seen as the traffic cop, directing you along a particular path at the appropriate time.

The higher self is NOT the spiritual body, but there again, it connects to and works along with the Collective Consciousness which is connected with the spiritual body as well.

If you are starting to see the interconnectedness to all of this, you are correct – for all of the plains or dimension of the human experience are interconnected and overlap frequently.

And furthermore, these facets or aspects to human existence as we have outlined here are for discussion purposes, for the most part (an outline, if you will), as these various dimensions exist as a part of the whole, without hard and fast divisions – one from the other. They exist, much like the interwoven roots of a plant.

The underlying concepts here are sound ones.

Simply remember – this is only our way of explaining this to you (at this point it time), in as simple and straightforward a way as possible, seeing as your intellectual ceiling is such.


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Other Dimensions of Human Existence
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