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 Gods of Creation

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CE 2

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PostSubject: Gods of Creation   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:25 am

Gods of Creation
Channeled from the Annunaki 04.04.10

The gods of creation are returning to the earth at this time. Gods or creatures of a higher order, it is all the same. Call it what you will, the creatures responsible for mankind’s creation are returning to redirect human evolution.

Humans evolve, of course, but what is less apparent, less understood, is that humans evolve along set parameters. The path upon which human evolution has taken place is a fixed one. Progress, human progress and evolution is fixed, rather than being random, as some might think. There is nothing whatsoever random about the evolution of man. And the evolution of man is nothing, if not predictable.

Predictable? Predictable in what way?

Well, predicable in the sense that a baby evolves into adulthood, over time. Seen in this light, one would say that the evolution of a child is fixed and predicable – so too, the evolution of the human species.

Humans are maturing at a faster pace than ever before. Evolution of the species is accelerating ever faster; to the point at which, humans now need a newer operation frequency or operation system to handle the advance information stream which is available to them. It is this stream which will carry human evolution into a higher plain of development, a higher intellectual level from which they are able to operate.

Evolution is a funny thing – far from being random it (as does the development of a child into adulthood) follows a preset, predetermined or predefined course. This preset course takes a species’ development ever further into what we refer to simply as the natural progression of enlightenment. Remember, enlightenment is simply the acquisition, integration and utilization of information. Information must be acquired, integrated and in turn utilized, to bring about enlightenment.

What good is information that does not end up being utilized?

This information stream to which we refer is constantly in motion throughout the universe. It is indeed a stream of information, which is frequency-based. That is to say, it is a physical signal which does exist and IS being transmitted from some point within the universe. This is also what we refer to as the fabric or matrix which exists throughout the universe, upon which, other frequencies are connected, based, secured and fixed, in order to establish a foundation from which to operate other frequencies, systems and so forth.

Perhaps best to think of this base frequency as the canvas upon which one would construct their painting.

This is logical and understandable science here – but then it is more advanced, at least at this point in time, than what most mainstream scientists might imagine.

We say all of this so that one might understand that there is no mysterious unobtainable force at work here – but science, of the kind with which you are familiar.

The same science which exists now, existed two hundred years ago – but it was mostly unknown or unimagined at that point in history. The average 8th grader knows far more science than even the gifted scientists of 100 years ago.

Evolution, the evolution of a species, en masse, continues onward.

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CE 2

Number of posts : 212
Registration date : 2009-03-16

PostSubject: Re: Gods of Creation   Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:43 pm

Part 2

Not all evolution of the various species existing on this planet involves shepherding by creatures of a higher order – but many do. Why is it that some creatures have changed (evolved) little over hundreds of millions of years, and yet others have changed drastically over tens of thousands of years? If all evolution was a natural process, all creatures would evolve along a uniform path …no?

Well that doesn’t happen, does it? Creatures evolve based upon input (or the lack thereof) from creatures of a higher order.

Man’s evolutionary path has been a very convoluted, one – manipulated by many creatures, many types of creatures of a higher order.

To wit, we would like to point to one seemingly insignificant aspect of man’s presence on this planet, in order to shed light on his having been shepherded, throughout his evolution.

Why is it that humans continually seek a god, or gods?

The answer is that genetically humans are predisposed to seeking out a god or gods. This is a specific genetic program, programmed into humans for a specific purpose.

Think about this for a moment – humans seek out a god, or gods, not randomly, but because they are programmed to do so.

Programmed how?

Programmed genetically.

Humans are predisposed to exhibit this behavior –'genetically' predisposed to exhibit this behavior.

Yes indeed, this is a specific behavior pattern that exists in humans because (and only because) it was ‘specifically’ designed into humans.

You see, if it wasn’t for this genetically-based behavior pattern, humans would simply go about doing what they do, and that would be that.

But humans are continually seeking out a god or gods.

So first you have the genetic predisposition for a specific behavior pattern (e.g., seeking a god or gods figurehead) and then you have the means (religion in ALL of its various iterations) which literally plugs into that genetic trait.

Can you see how one fosters the other - how one meshes
with the other, so that both can work in unison - one feeding upon thge other?

So what we are saying here is that creatures of a higher order (your gods, if you wish) genetically programmed you for that specific behavior pattern of seeking out a god or gods, then provided the means, (i.e., the various religions), with which you are able to fulfill, or plug into based upon, that specific genetic programming.

What we are also saying, is that this just didn’t happen by accident.

Long ago you were programmed to exhibit this behavior.

And in turn, you see your life, your world, the universe, everything, all based upon this programmed behavior of yours.


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Gods of Creation
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