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 H.W. Longfellow

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PostSubject: H.W. Longfellow   Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:53 am

One of the things that makes me nuts about people's focus on the UFO topic is the repeated question: What's going on? Failure to see the bigger picture (which is really understandable) has caused a focus on TODAY that should be seen as an epic failure because we aren't getting anywhere. "History" generally only pops up in this subject when someone talks about "ancient astronauts" but yet there is no real focus on details. I too was blind to the greater picture, and it wasn't until I shut up and stopped fooling around with garbage that a picture finally popped up in my life.

There are two nice anomalies in this picture, one is the book Masquerade, by Kit Williams. Was there more to this book than just finding the clues to a golden rabbit piece of jewelry? Did Kit, like Longfellow ... see something that he didn't understand? Or am I seeing things that seem to connect, but really aren't there? Basketball

It's odd that the last painting in the book ends with THIS strange picture and the question is begged: Are we playing this very game with ET; are we looking for puzzle clues? Are we being forced - to THINK? If you look, the seagull wings are spelling out TEST U. The red letter word is LIVRES, French for BOOKS, which is where the answers are in history, and where I have spent the last 36 years. It is spelled in a symbolic representation of the cross, which was the last representation of the symbol I have been tracking. It goes bottom to top, left to right.

Who is the dead puppet? Over the water a - destination? Under the sky a - culmination? Uh-oh. Basketball

I'll let you think about that, right now I'll let you ponder this one.

Once upon a time, Henry W Longfellow said he had a vision, it was in his head LIKE a dream. By this time I had already begun to incorporate Orion into what I was looking at, because of a "Kit Williams-type of puzzle piece," a light-bulb moment I had for no reason while watching TV. Within the next year I had stumbled unto Longfellow's poem, and since then I have put this together, going as far as a final picture connected to a date and time. Longfellow's vision, to me, suggests that what had be going on since the mid-1500s, a resurgence of OUR information, was now dead once again. This would mean that Longfellow's vision was a "Kit Williams-type" clue plant that was left for anyone to find. In his notes on this poem, Longfellow said he had completed the poem, however, the last lines just "dropped into his head" one night as he was coming downstairs. The closing idea to this poem is interesting - as TPTB are seemingly headed for a final fall.

The Occultation of Orion.

I saw, as in a dream sublime,
The balance in the hand of Time.
O'er East and West its beam impended;
And day, with all its hours of light,
Was slowly sinking out of sight,
While, opposite, the scale of night
Silently with the stars ascended.

Like the astrologers of eld,
In that bright vision I beheld
Greater and deeper mysteries.
I saw, with its celestial keys,
Its chords of air, its frets of fire,
The Samian's great Aeolian lyre,
Rising through all its sevenfold bars,
From earth unto the fixed stars.
And through the dewy atmosphere,
Not only could I see, but hear,
Its wondrous and harmonious strings,
In sweet vibration, sphere by sphere,
From Dian's circle light and near,
Onward to vaster and wider rings.
Where, chanting through his beard of snows,
Majestic, mournful, Saturn goes,
And down the sunless realms of space
Reverberates the thunder of his bass.

Beneath the sky's triumphal arch
This music sounded like a march,
And with its chorus seemed to be
Preluding some great tragedy.
Sirius was rising in the east;
And, slow ascending one by one,
The kindling constellations shone.
Begirt with many a blazing star,
Stood the great giant Algebar,
Orion, hunter of the beast!
His sword hung gleaming by his side,
And, on his arm, the lion's hide
Scattered across the midnight air
The golden radiance of its hair.

The moon was pallid, but not faint;
And beautiful as some fair saint,
Serenely moving on her way
In hours of trial and dismay.
As if she heard the voice of God,
Unharmed with naked feet she trod
Upon the hot and burning stars,
As on the glowing coals and bars,
That were to prove her strength, and try
Her holiness and her purity.

Thus moving on, with silent pace,
And triumph in her sweet, pale face,
She reached the station of Orion.
Aghast he stood in strange alarm!
And suddenly from his outstretched arm
Down fell the red skin of the lion
Into the river at his feet.
His mighty club no longer beat
The forehead of the bull; but he
Reeled as of yore beside the sea,
When, blinded by Oenopion,
He sought the blacksmith at his forge,
And, climbing up the mountain gorge,
Fixed his blank eyes upon the sun.

Then, through the silence overhead,
An angel with a trumpet said,
"Forevermore, forevermore,
The reign of violence is o'er!"
And, like an instrument that flings
Its music on another's strings,
The trumpet of the angel cast
Upon the heavenly lyre its blast,
And on from sphere to sphere the words
Re-echoed down the burning chords,--
"Forevermore, forevermore,
The reign of violence is o'er!"
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Keyholder for Area 51

Number of posts : 1019
Age : 68
Location : Texas
Registration date : 2009-10-15

PostSubject: Re: H.W. Longfellow   Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:38 am

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Keyholder for Area 51

Number of posts : 1019
Age : 68
Location : Texas
Registration date : 2009-10-15

PostSubject: Re: H.W. Longfellow   Mon Apr 05, 2010 11:03 am

No one has anything to say? Basketball

Then you really aren't sure about your approaches.

Where is the problem? I think the best explanation comes from the Hebrew Genesis.

But the tree ...


of good and bad ...

you will not eat of it ....

There is no "fruit" here, no "apple" ... just the KNOWLEDGE OF something called GOOD AND BAD. Good and bad denotes a choice between things. Where once there was one single idea, and now we have a choice between that original idea and a list of other ideas ... we have a problem that can only be rectified by the gathering of hard data. Where is this data? It is scattered along the road of life we call history.

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PostSubject: Re: H.W. Longfellow   Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:18 pm

Been pondering your thread for a few days now Onlychild .
I think for me , it is not so much , not being sure about my approach as not being sure whether or not i should approach . I understand that this could be exactly what you meant .
In which case kindly ignore everything i have said thus far !
From my standpoint most of what you refer to , here , and in other posts , makes sense . I don't know why , but it does .
My sense would be that whilst you seek and teach , you should remember your signature . In short , we chose to believe that which makes us most comfortable . Not sure how the animation She who measures would make you more comfortable , but the message is plain and it is all to easy to see the world like that .
We may understand the message within , and it may sit well with us . But to point it out may be the Ego you mentioned before ?
What intrigues me about your posts Onlychild , is a similarity and whatever i say i try to take on board myself because i am also guilty !
In short , i would say , the truth lies within us all . All we need to do is face it .

Thank you all on this Forum for your enthusiasm and friendship , it has been a joy .

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Signing off . FW .
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Keyholder for Area 51

Number of posts : 1019
Age : 68
Location : Texas
Registration date : 2009-10-15

PostSubject: Re: H.W. Longfellow   Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:39 am

We didn't make the mess, we inherited it. We created (like it says in Genesis) choice. It's kind of like a hoarders house now ... so much crap that you can't find what you need when you need it.

But we are not responsible for the details ... we never were. All we need to know is that if THEY ever show up (which they have) there is a reason - and it isn't a good one. Something not very nice is coming - be ready for anything. What is coming? That's a detail, don't worry about it. When is it coming - detail - don't worry about it. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
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PostSubject: Re: H.W. Longfellow   

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H.W. Longfellow
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