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 The Ten Best Cases Out There

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PostSubject: The Ten Best Cases Out There   Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:42 pm

Disclosure is the process of the government giving out all the information that it allegedly has about anything extraterrestrial or supernatural in nature. Disclosure was supposed to happen in the 1950s, according to Major Donald Keyhoe, and we have been waiting since. To help with disclosing information, I will present ten cases that show something is out there:

1. Wow Signal: On August 15, 1977 Dr Jerry Ehman received the famous Wow Signal from the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University. All natural explanations were ruled out along with Earthly interference. Since science requires a repeat of what happened, they never stated this was extraterrestrial in nature. The artificial Wow Signal has not been explained to this day.

2. Betty and Barney Hill: The best case of abduction is this early case, before the grays became part of pop culture. Physical evidence (powder on Betty's torn dress, marks on the vehicle etc) radar confirmation of an unknown object by Pease AFB in the area at the time of the incident and the Star Map make this one of the most intriguing cases out there.

3. Reverand William Gill's mass sighting and communication to an object in Boianai Papua New Guinea is one of the best known among ufologists. Skeptics and debunkers claim it was Venus, but how then who were the people on Venus who waved back to Rev Gill and the many witnesses to this event? (It also happened on two nights June 26 and 27 1959)

4. Numerous sightings at nuclear alert facilities by military personnel: Robert Hastings has written about the many cases that are very well documented, including the paper trail on these sightings. Qualified people put their reputations on the line to put out these reports. I wonder how many undocumented sightings by military personnel are out there?

5. 1952 Summer of Saucers: Films, physical landings, sightings and the infamous Washington DC saucers that also were on radar made this summer the best when it comes to evidence that flying saucers are real. Frank Feschino's book "Shoot Them Down!" is a great account of these cases. Over 100 in Project Blue Book from the summer of 1952 are classified as unknowns. This is from an agency that goes out of its way to call the phenomena weather inversions, balloons, birds, swamp gas etc. (The Flatwoods case is also part of this "invasion".)

6. Kecksburg Pa December 9. 1965 crash: I put this on here as Major Kevin Randle (USAR ret) did the research and found out Project Moon Dust (now under another classified name) was activated for this case. The supposed Soviet space probe actually crashed in the Indian Ocean, not in Pennsylvania. Moon Dust is only activated for retrieval of unknowns or foreign satellites. Since the satellite did not crash there, what did? (UFO Hunters also found the NASA tracking records proving the satellite fell in the ocean, too.)

7. UFO battle of Los Angeles in 1942: One of the best cases out there now. This one has a good photograph of a saucer type craft and a few witnesses have come forward. It was during an air raid, and people went in their basements or shelters to take cover. Not many witnesses around, other than military, but a few have appeared who saw the craft.

8. Lubbock Lights: The photographs taken by a teenager who had insomnia are still unexplained in this well known case. Skeptics say birds reflecting city lights, but many well known researchers say nogo to that explanation.

9. Shag Harbor Crash: In October of 1967, an unknown object appeared to crash into Shag Harbor. This object was tracked by the military until it flew out of the water. This case was ignored for the longest time, and is now considered one of the best documented cases of an unknown object.

10. Lonnie Zamora: This case has been under attack recently by some saying it was a prank. They seem to forget it was investigated by not only Officer Zamora, but by the FBI, Dr J Allen Hynek and the military. They all ruled out hoax or prank at the time. Trace evidence of a landing and the occupant sighting make this a good case.

Some will notice I left out the more controversial cases such as Travis Walton and Roswell. For every controversial case, there is a solid one that defies conventional explanations. I am sure people will add many more excellent cases to this thread, to show we are not alone.
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PostSubject: RE: The Ten Best Cases Out There   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:25 am

LLoyd Wrote:Some will notice I left out the more controversial cases such as Travis Walton and Roswell. For every controversial case, there is a solid one that defies conventional explanations. I am sure people will add many more excellent cases to this thread, to show we are not alone.

I am glad you mentioned the Travis Walton story; since I have a few thoughts on that case. I recall reading the original story in the book "The Travis Walton Experience." It was a great UFO story in my mind. Then many years later the movie version of that case was made. It was a good movie; but it wasn't the story related in the original book! The story was the same upto the point that Travis Walton was hit by a ray, or discharge from the UFO. The story was totally different from then on; that is for the abduction experience. And didn't go back to the original story until the movie reached the finding of Travis Walton, many days later.

I'm wondering if anyone else remembers all this, since it is old news? The abduction experince was neat, greys and human aliens! A UFO base, and Travis Walton exploring the UFOs bridge! What happened to all that? Instead there were more sinister like grey/ET type aliens in the movie. confused
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PostSubject: Travis Walton Case   Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:51 pm

While I do not want to discount the Travis Walton case in itself, it was poorly investigated by people in the ufology field. A lie detector test that Travis failed the first time was covered up instead of released. The test itself is moot, but the cover up suggests what happened might not be true. Another problem of the case is Travis' mother refused to let the police search her home when Travis was missing. Many believe he was staying with her during the whole ordeal. Some also suggest that Mike Rogers was in on the whole thing, as only he actually saw the object and claimed it was heading for the car. The others were so scared (they just saw the light in the woods), they just wanted to get out of there. It is easy to see why they passed their lie detector tests as they did not really see much (read his book as he admits that fact).

Other problems are that Mr Walton is always portrayed as someone who never profited from his experience. What about the $5000 reward given by The National Enquirer, his two books and the movie deal?

Even Travis admits the movie was wrong about what he experienced. There were no evil gray aliens aboard torturing him, and he was not examined the way Betty and Barney Hill were. Both his books recount what he went through, although he spends most of the second book slamming his critics and skeptics.

With all the good cases out there, this one can be set aside until more can be proved or disproved.
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PostSubject: Ref: Top 10 U.F.O. Sightings   Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:27 am

I just wanted to mention the STS 80 circle footage.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ten Best Cases Out There   

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The Ten Best Cases Out There
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