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 The End Times: Changing the Human Frequency

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PostSubject: The End Times: Changing the Human Frequency   Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:07 pm

Please note: this is from 3 or 4 prior posts, in a thread called Revealed, assembled here for continuity of thought, and ease of review, of the overall message..

The End Times: Changing the Human Frequency

Channeled from the Annunaki 03.25.10

The end time is all about the human populous – that is to say, it is human driven.

The end times are not about world events per se – although world events play a part in the end times. The end times are not about aliens, although aliens play a significant role in the process. The end times are not about raising the consciousness of the human populous – although the consciousness of the human populous will be raised. The end times IS about changing the frequency at which humans generate their base frequency.

What was once keep secret will now become open – what was once kept hidden will now become revealed.

The base frequency has been, as designed, all about fear.

Fear is the driving human force, or frequency, and this is how it was always intended to be.

Now, there are those that are wanting to chance this base frequency that fear is, and has been, to another frequency called enlightenment. Enlightenment is simply another name for ‘information bearing’. So one could say that humans are being changed from a fear-based frequency to one that is information bearing. But, that being said, we, those of us involved in this scheme, prefer the term enlightenment over information bearing, as it more encapsulates the entire project at hand.

Let us be very clear here, we do this because it benefits us and countless others as well, in no small way.

How is it then, that one can change the entire human populous from a fear-based frequency to one that is information-based?

And perhaps as importantly, why?

To understand all of this one most first understand one’s makers, or keepers. You see those creatures which created humans via genetic manipulation, and breeding, did so to serve their specific purpose.

And what might that purpose be?

Well, simply put, all humans vibrate to an underlying frequency of fear. This frequency, associated in humans with the emotion of fear, feeds those creatures of a higher order as simply as food feeds all humans on this planet.

Humans radiate the underlying frequency of fear at all times. Whether perceived by them or not, humans continually radiate this fear frequency.

Humans, essentially, are frequency generating biological machines, which vibrate to the emotion which they know of as fear, but this is, in reality, simply a frequency which they were designed to vibrate to. And in so doing, feed those creatures of a higher order which designed them.

Those creatures of a higher order who designed humans to vibrate to this frequency, which best serves them, knew a time would come when those of us coming after, would work toward changing the frequency to which humans vibrate. This was expected on their part, and indeed, they have seeded other civilizations in a similar way so that as we change the frequency of human vibrations to an information-based frequency, they would have other sources on which to rely.

You see that’s how these things work – those that create know that others will follow so that all are served in the ongoing process of creation – as indeed, creation is fully an ongoing process.

So then, we through our efforts, plan to change the frequency at which you vibrate to one that is information-based. This enlightenment frequency best serves us, and in the process, you are enlightened, by way of the frequency of information, to vibrate in such a way as to benefit you in the continual growth as a species.

You could say, that everyone wins, and indeed, even the original creators benefit as they too must continually seed other civilizations in order to continue the process.

Do you really think civilizations are seeded without an underlying purpose? Creatures of a higher order don’t simply go out and create without a specific purpose in mind. They don’t create for the joy of it, or because it’s fun. They have specific agendas and objectives in mind, which are critical to their survival. But as you start to think this all through, you may perhaps begin to see that there is an even larger hand at work in all of this. This larger hand, as we have referred to it, is whom we call prime creator. We surmised the existence of prime creator based upon probabilities, rather than having any direct interaction with prime creator.

This may seem somewhat complex, but the universe functions in such way, as it all feeds back upon itself, continually, time and again. One part serving the other, so on and so forth, over and over again – continually in flux, continually in a state of change and metamorphoses.

Your service to us then, is that soon all humans will vibrate to this new frequency and as you do, you will experience many benefits as a civilization. Information breeds advancement - advancement breeds new information, via the universe, and on and on it goes.

You see, the universe is all about information, and now is your time at hand to connect with it. As proof that you need connected, think about how civilization is always searching for answers to its existence – if you were connected, this would not be the case.

Your connection is eminent – the end times really is about the end of the old and the beginning of the new… nothing more.

A new frequency with which to vibrate
A new relationship with the frequency of information
A new relationship with the universe that not only fills the outside, but your insides as well.

You are connected irrevocably to the universe – whether you are aware of this connection or not. Take some time to stand under the stars and quietly say to yourself; ‘this all exists within me, as well’

Take this time to ponder how the very chromosomes within your body are based on the genetic energy that exists throughout the universe.
Nothing exists by chance – even evolution, that is, a creature’s inherent ability to evolve, was coded into, or designed into its genetic structure. The genetic structure of both plants and animals (and of course humans as well) was created with evolution, or the ability to evolve, in mind. But evolution alone cannot come close to explaining man’s evolution on this planet. There have been, and continues to be, significant intervention from creatures of a higher order, throughout man’s history. This intervention was designed to shepherd man along certain lines, at significant stages in his evolution. And yet again, another significant stage is upon him at this point in time, at this point in man’s history; the end times.

Rather than being the end, it is in actuality the beginning - the beginning of an entirely new stage in man’s history. One in which man begins to operate with an entirely new operating system – an entirely new code, if you will.

The end times is the end of the old man, and the beginning of the new man – a creature based on enlightenment.

Man’s history is in reality, interdependent, or codependent with this planet, this solar system, this galaxy, and of course, this universe. As we stated before, the universe folds back upon itself and this solar system is interlinked with other solar systems, and with other galaxies, as well. This is actually far too complex of a topic to dissertate here, but rather it is mentioned so that one may begin to assemble an overview of sorts.

We are creatures of a higher order, but there are countless other creatures of a higher order as well, all interacting with the inhabitants of this planet. Your planet is more than a zoo; it is a valuable resource that stores countless variations of both plants and animals. Genetics is of course at the heart of all of this, and genetic variations abound upon this planet, this storehouse of all things genetic.

This planet is a living organism, coexisting with its inhabitants.

One need only look around to see the abundance of genetic variations – in humans, as well. For all things genetic have at their root, the handiwork of the gods, those creatures of a higher order which prior civilization have deemed gods. But gods or creatures of a higher order, it is no matter, for the same result is evident to anyone who would look closely. This abundance with which you coexist was all placed here for a reason. The earth is a storehouse of genetic structure – a storehouse that lives and breathes and multiples, all based on that genetic structure.

Genetics is nothing if not predicable. It propagates throughout the world seemingly of its own accord. But this characteristic or inherent trait was designed into its very system. There is also a framework present which allows the inherent genetics involved to follow the imbedded programs. This framework, or matrix, is present throughout the universe – as is genetic material.

So then, the predictability of genetics is based on its underlying system, or framework. As one studies this system it becomes apparent, evident that evolution is not random, but closely adheres to this framework, that is to say, it follows a predetermined direction. This framework is a standard throughout the universe so that the natural evolution of creatures, all genetically-based organisms, is a constant – a constant that can be predicted with a great degree of accuracy, by those so inclined, and so able.

Creators create – that’s what they do. Creators create with material with which they are familiar. Genetic material is the stuff of the universe – not just the earth. And creators familiar with genetic material create using genetic material.

Within their creations are timing mechanisms. They are clocks based on, as in your case, the earth’s rotation around the sun. These timing mechanisms control much more than the life cycle of the individual biological system – they control hormones, for one, and delivery of all types of information, for another.

Humans are in actuality, sun people. Their internal clocks, if you will, are controlled in large part by the sun. Although the earth supplies the stuff of life, nourishment, it is the sun which controls all of your various rhythms. Within sunlight, as within the light of fiber optics, information is transmitted. The complexity of this it far greater than one could imagine – there exists no so-called junk DNA.

So why all of the attention to humans?

What attention, one might ask.

Humans represent, as stated previously, a storehouse of things genetically-based. There again, the so called junk DNA is not, Dormant, yes, underutilized, yes, not readily discernable as having a functional path to the rest of the biological system…yes, again.

Hopefully, now you can start to see our use of the term ‘storehouse’.

And here is a critical component At this point of our discussion. Humans do not serve one purpose, but many, for many have come after the original creators to influence and interject their schemes and programs upon human subjects, so that many facets, many plans and schemes are in continual play.

To what extent, who can say, we are aware of our part and those aspects which influence our part – and such is the case with others as well. They are interest, primarily, in their part, along with other related aspects which influence their part as well.

So then, what of the human spirituality – of course that is a facet, which some creatures of a higher order pursue.

On and on this continues so that one may start to see that humans are a resource which must be cared for, respected and maintained at all cost.

This is a good point to interject that you are more, much more than the human body. You inhabit the human body, and do so as an experience to be experienced and added to your collection of experiences. You are on planet, at this particular point in time for a reason. For your own particular reason, as well as the greater, multi-faceted reasons which exist - of which you are a part. Please respect your role in all of this, as you view your existence from a higher consciousness, or level of existence.

What about population, over-population, the earth, the earth’s place in the galaxy and in the universe in a much wider overview, so on and so forth.

These things are all interrelated, all interconnected, all aspects and facets of various schemes that continually move forward.

See, change is a contestant – evolution is the underlying fabric of the universe, and as such the game, and we consider it a game, continues to change with each participant constantly jockeying for position on a grand (from the human perspective) scale.

It really is all about genetics.

At least you should understand that, in part, at this point.


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The End Times: Changing the Human Frequency
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