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 Heartland UFO's -additional sighting

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PostSubject: Heartland UFO's -additional sighting   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:42 pm

This past Sunday I saw the history channel's episode of the ufo's over the heartland (Kokomo Indiana).
These sightings were repoted around April of 2008.

After seeing this episode I decided I needed to convey what I had seen approximately 8 months before. On August 20th of 2007 (monday afternoon around 2pm), I saw 3 UFO's in the sky. I was just outside of Indianapolis Indiana and I looked straight up into the sky and saw a contrail. This looked strange to me and there was a craft creating the contrail. The craft and contrail was going almost straight up but it was maybe 15 degrees off of vertical. The contrail was similar to that you might see from an airliner at 40,000 feet in that the contrail was white as if a water condensate had crystallized. However, the contrail was very different from a typical airliner. The contrail had crisp shaped rings around a central white contrail (the rings were not whipped up contrail from wind like what Ive seen on the internet from people who think theyve seen the aurora craft or something -and no this was not the aurora craft -much smaller in size and nothing like what people think the aurora might look like based on what ive seen on the internet). These rings apppeared at what seemed to be every 200 ft or so (cant judge the distance exactly, but that is my guess). The rings appeared out behind the craft at a uniform constant frequency. The craft was a conical shaped craft (delta shape but appeared more like a cone like what you see on top of a saturn 5 rocket, but a little bigger than the saturn 5 capsule -and not painted). The exterior was metallic, like a polished aluminum, and every once in a while it would flash off sunlight from the sun. The day was a beautiful day with some clouds. I continued to watch this craft until it went out of sight. When I first sighted it I estimated it was over 10,000 ft up if not higher and by the time I could not see it any more it must have been between 40-60K feet. After it was out of sight, I looked below and saw 2 more craft that were lower in altitude and going the opposite angle from the original. These two were heading at 15 degrees from vertical on the opposite side. The strange thing about these 2 craft is that they looked identical to the first one but had no contrails. Also, they were both side by side as if in formation. Again, I watched these until they went out of sight, which I estimate must have been between 40k and 60k feet.

Unfortunately I did not have a camera or video camera. I also realize how this sounds but I can assure you that this is exactly what I saw. There is no question in my mind that what I saw was from some kind of alien intelligence and not our own. It is quite amazing. Also, there is definitely something going on with indiana if people in kokomo saw something similar 8 months later to my sighting. Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Heartland UFO's -additional sighting   Fri Mar 19, 2010 6:13 pm

Thank you for sharing this sighting. There is an episode of UFO Hunters that went to Indiana to investigate some unusual sightings including a sonic boom like noise and a possible crash of something. I wonder if your sighting took place at the same time frame. The most unusual aspect was roads being cordoned off with no explanation of what happened.
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Heartland UFO's -additional sighting
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