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 Gatekeepers Among Us

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PostSubject: Gatekeepers Among Us   Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:58 am

Gatekeepers Among Us

Whether one refers to them as Contactees, Abductees or Experiencers, they, we, have all been programmed most extensively.

Locked within this programming is what I refer to as Keywords - that is, words that are specifically associated with vast amounts of information.

Unlocking this information is accomplished for the most part by disseminating these Keywords (either collectively, or individually). Once disseminated, these Keywords unlock information, which often includes other Keywords and so on, and so forth, with which these Contactees have been programmed.

This is most definitely a vast timing and orchestrating mechanism on their part, with Contactees playing an integral part.

This, in part, is how they are able to organize large numbers of the populous (Contactees) to 'awaken' as it were, to new information, that than goes about to infiltrate the collective or world psyche.

These Gatekeepers resonate to a new frequency - a frequency that the general population can and will receive in time, so that in turn, the whole of mankind may use this new frequency to vibrate, collectively, to a new and higher frequency.

Thought of course is a frequency, and part of the so called abduction phenomenon, is in fact the programming of these Contactees to vibrate to a higher frequency so that they in turn may affect the general populous.

Another reason, as well, for the so called abduction phenomenon, it that Contactees are genetically altered so that as they replicate, over time, they in turn may pass along their genetic material, which has been altered, to their offspring, and so on, and so forth. This is nothing new, but has been so over many centuries.

So then, in this way, their efforts are maximized, and propagated over an entire populous, over time.


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Gatekeepers Among Us
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