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 Alien Poetry : Got Any?

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Registration date : 2009-06-10

PostSubject: Alien Poetry : Got Any?   Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:01 am

I write Alien Poetry.. some of them sound like heavy metal songs but I still write Alien poetry. Some turn our rather well like this one I have been told. So I will share it here and if you have any Alien Poetry then let this be the thread for Alien Poetry or Sci-Fi that is. If not I got tons more to share.. Lemme know what you think ..

Alien Winter

The cold pours in with it's icey breath
Leaves of trees decay with brown
Steam from our mouths
Searching for the warmth of the flame
Stars out in the crystal dark sky
Ice builds up on all the creeks
Strange thing from above falls to the ground
From up above they came
To gather mineral deposits
Hooded in their cloaks
Hiding behind black saucer eyes
Intellect seething with promise
Divine plan at hand with Universal guidance
Just went out for a walk with the dog
Never thought I would come across
Something so unearthly and strange
Wake up some place else
The Grays stand around me
Prodding and poking and inserting
This is certainly a White Christmas
Is this God's gift?
A weird deliverance
Pictures in my mind of pleasant atrocities
Earth on fire as the plates shift
Is this all true like the doomsday prophets spew?
In my mind I hear their voice
Speaking to my soul and heart
Explaining I signed up for this
Where I ask inside my head?
Before this life when you were with us they say
Setting your health strait from all your bodily abuse
Am I one of you?
The buzz and electricty goes through my mind
Like a golden flame from the divine
We are all One and the same they say
Workers from the Source
From on high with a plan to further all life
When the changes come you'll be ready
To guide those who are lost to be found
Earth is to be a galactic planet
Traveling across the stars hand in hand
But first our messengers must be readied
Now go to and fro from all the World
Tell them what you know and saw
Some will laugh and spit
Others will hug you and call you brother
I walk away and watch their craft ascend
My dog Jack sits by me licking my face
At first I was afraid but now I finally Understand

Jeffery Pritchett 2009
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Number of posts : 616
Registration date : 2009-06-10

PostSubject: Re: Alien Poetry : Got Any?   Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:12 am

Ok I think it's more for some Alien poetry since you all seemed so excited the first time! Here you go! =)

The Alien Poet

the past like fragments from an etch a sketch
magnetic conclusions refracted on flesh
star beams collapsing anti-matter
the free will syndrome of choice
laughing interstellar gnomes ice gripping saturn
the comet passes thru with it's whisping tail
reaching to the moon on a sunday
monday sucking us in with it's shining ethers
freedom of the glorious learnings of rapture
hi tech starships above grifting the lay lines of the glorious
staring thru the mirror of the soul
bewilderment thru the third eye strikes with fury
sixth sense enlightenment dripping wax drippings of nirvana
the things we suck thru our mouths dripping saliva on the skin of the tongue
furious giants lapping fountains from shangrila
utopian inter steller wanings of rebirths
the alien poet channels universal life forms
multidimensional realities giving glimpses of space worms
lost down in the garden dancing with the snake
wishing for a sword from the lady of the lake
mythological archetypes thru the carousels of spirit
big black eyes on shiney grey skin
lifting me up from another realm
sipping down the goddess mother's milk
run with the goat to stay afloat
i'm the alien poet you dreamt about
sucking poetry thru other minds on other planets
this is only the sexy beginning
of rationalized reasoning thru the forces of immortality
we hurt our bodies and it grows back when the sun rises
isis kisses osiris after riding his pre puzzled packaged @ock
set throwing tricks our way of imps and gremlins
a son is born amongst the spring storm
horus the holy child of the Gods kissing the sun
everythings easy when your a cosmic lord
the alien poet just keeps walking on
love the only fuel left of the heart
it sustains and revamps and rejuvenates
the cup that runneth over from the father above
for all of infinity
guess what there's a part of you that never ends
found out the hard way thru the divine intervention of a hard stare

Jeffery Pritchett
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Number of posts : 616
Registration date : 2009-06-10

PostSubject: Re: Alien Poetry : Got Any?   Thu Mar 11, 2010 11:24 am

Alright since I keep getting so many personal emails about my poetry so much and people wanting more (lies) I will share some more. lol

The Shaman Laughs

Tonight is the full moon treasure your inner beasts as they roar!

Make the best magic.

Align the intentions of thine souls.

We are all surrounded by a spiritual entourage.

As is above, So is below.

They are gathered around us now.

Ready for the Beautiful Moth to come forth from it's Cocoon of the Earth.

To fly to celestial heights past the errors of mankind.

To become a galactic civilization with or without you.

Gaia like an Egg cracking.

The Dragon will come out and she will reclaim her children and what is her own.
Precious Nymphs come to me the son of Pan.

Disrobe as you hear the music from the lute leaving you spellbound.

Ancient Hieroglyphics depicting beings from the otherworld.

What more proof do you need?

Alien hybrid children collecting samples from our world.

Just in case the monsters at the podiums decide to drop the bomb.

Gathering DNA from those who came and agreed from elsewhere

Before they incarnated into this realm to partake in the transition
We are messengers many of us have been defiled but we play our instruments anyway

Cause forgiveness and healing is the key for those of who have fallen into the dark

The light is relentless in it's pursueing to dance with our souls

The Angelics surround us all with divine protection at hand

So many of you caught up in so much fear and paranoia

When the whole world is ending some of us like to laugh about it.

Remember the Shaman laughs at what he fears..

No matter how much those who think they are supposedly in charge try to stop us

We will overcome because we have all of the heavens on our side

I know it seems at times there is more evil than good in this world

But outside the confines of material reality there is ultimate positivity

This is what you must embrace to ascend to new heights

The time is now more than ever

So all you Messenger Shamans come together to make a sound

Rhythms that bust through dipolomatic idiocracies

Acts such as these is where the true power can be found

Remember the Shaman laughs at what he fears

Melting it into ashes so a brand new Phoenix of Rebirth may Emerge

We are all heads on the same body from the One Source

Coming together as messengers who will not be stopped

This Compilation of Psalms is the spell that has been cast

Jeffery 2010
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Location : Earth
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PostSubject: Subject: Alien Poetry : Got Any?   Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:54 am

I once was taken away by a little Grey,
who stuck probes, you know, every which way,
Having looked into its eyes,
and to my great surprise,
I could see me looking back at you....

heh heh

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PostSubject: On My Planet - Photos and Poetry of a Blue Alien   Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:19 pm

All my life I have wanted to visit other planets... Or have an alien visitor.

And then look what happened

photos and whatnot: ciel clark hub pages, On my planet everything is blue...

Crikey, what next. Happy travels, Ciel

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PostSubject: Re: Alien Poetry : Got Any?   

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Alien Poetry : Got Any?
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