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 A Question for Graham Hancock and others

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PostSubject: A Question for Graham Hancock and others   Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:17 pm

I have read Graham Hancock's books on the possibility of an ancient society that was wiped out over 12,000 years ago by a string of comets. I have a question for Mr Hancock and others:

What happened between the 7,000 years when the civilization was destroyed and the rise of the ancient Egyptian and other cultures?

Nearly 7,000 years goes by, and there is very little evidence of any cultures in between. Wouldn't the survivors have started to rebuild immediately? It is strange that there was not much happening, and then a huge technological and artistic boom happens. (Another mystery is why the same boom did not last very long, and human kind went backwards in development.)

This is a serious and intriguing question that I hope future books can deal with.

(This also helps with the extraterrestrials trying to give humanity a jump start theory that needs looking into.)
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PostSubject: A Graham Hancock and others   Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:39 pm

I have a related question. Is it possible that there were advanced cultures that ended before modern man's? For instance could a advanced society of evolved dinosaur beings have existed before us; which was destroyed by the asteroid that ended that age? Finally, could surviors still be out there some where? Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A Question for Graham Hancock and others   Wed Nov 11, 2009 5:21 pm

The reality of the situation is less than one percent of all animals that existed on Earth have left fossil remains. It is possible an intelligent dinosaur type creature evolved and was destroyed along with the dinosaurs when that fateful asteroid hit the Earth. Since paleontologists have discovered dinosaurs were warm blooded and other fascinating discoveries, anything could be possible.

My main question is what happened between the 7,000 years that the comets hit and early ancient civilizations that we know of popped up out of nowhere.
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PostSubject: Re: A Question for Graham Hancock and others   Fri Nov 20, 2009 10:49 am

These new civilizations (Egypt and Sumer) were created because the event that had hit here C 13,500 BC had returned; although this one was only a minor event with a 2 degree drop in global temperature suddenly, and about 2 more degrees over time. The event was a galactic superwave (read Earth Under Fire: Dr Paul LaViolette). Why do you think the Maya make such a big deal out of the galactic center?

The problem entered the picture when the exposed galactic core (from the superwave) scared the hell out of these people as they thought it was the end again (doom shouters just like today). The epic fail began when ancient information that was held by us was implemented and for some odd reason it seemed to fail. Human nature kicked in (as always) and we feared for our lives.

What was the ancient information? In case of "doom", "someone" was coming to help.

Guess who didn't show up (because there was no reason to show up)?

Guess who misinterpreted that "not showing up" information?

Guess who went off the deep end thinking that we had screwed up big time and "the gods" were angry with us?

Guess who rewrote their history?

Guess who has suffered because of this doctrinal change?

For well over 5000 years the new information has compromised thinking and caused us to forget who ET really is.

For the last 67 years ET has been knocking on our door.

I wonder why?

TPTB know all of this. Why do you think they don't want you to know about it?

News flash: You war is NOT with ET. Your war is with TPTB.

Something not very nice is coming. Time to learn the truth. History has been rewritten. The choice to learn is up to you.

What happened during that 7000 period? People lived their lives - period.

Just remember the ancient Clovis culture C 10,000 BC. Here today - boom - gone tomorrow.
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PostSubject: Hancock   Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:48 pm

I have my issues with Mr. Graham Hancock
1. He makes an assertion that stone age builders couldn't have built the pyramids and they just sprung up 5,000 years or more ago. This is inaccurate:
The old Kingdom Egyptians buried their kings beneath rectangular slabs called mastabas
one king decided to be buried under a series of masatbas and the step pyramid was born,
then the bent pyramid, then the red pyramid, then what they call the perfect pyramid;
all based on the concept of the mastaba, after which the Giza plateau was used to line up
the great pyramids.(to match the belt of Orion or to Egyptians Osirus)
2. He says no burial material was in the pyramid, again this is inaccurate; their was a built-in sarcophigus for king Kufu in a burial chamber inside the great pyramid
it was not used. Probably due to grave robbers, the pharoahs were buried thereafter in the valley of the kings.
3. Someone who writes of such things should actually see what is already common knowledge before running to ancient astronauts for help.

I do agree with the underwater complex in Japan, it is fascinating, I do believe in alien contact in ancient times and their inspiration of earlier humans, I do not like taking things that are there and pretending they're not, to further your own hypothesis.
Were aliens in Egypt? I think so and human time travellers as well, did they build the pyramids, no.
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PostSubject: Re: A Question for Graham Hancock and others   

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A Question for Graham Hancock and others
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