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 UFO over lake In S.C.

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PostSubject: UFO over lake In S.C.   Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:02 pm

This is a old sighting. It was in 1978. My father was a D.I. at Ft. Jackson S.C.. We lived off post and at the time dad also worked at the local 7.11 nights. I was around 7. Me my baby sister and mother took a cab into town to get somethings.On the way back we went around a curve and setting over a lake was what looked like a blimp but it was kind of flattend so it looked like a football it seemed to have windows around the center if they wasnt windows they were lights but they looked like how a house lookes at night with the lights on. It was around 4 to 6 feet above the lake. It was so shocking the cabby slammed on the brakes and we skidded of the road. I know I was young
but I just talked with my mother before posting this and she was able to fill in some of the fuzzy parts.I remember The cabby cussing my mother pulling me close and saying a prayer. We didnt hang around much longer just long enough for the cabby to get the car back on the road. I wish I could find out if that UFO was still over the lake onthe cab drivers return trip
There is a little more. It was the around the same time. My father like I said was a Drill SGT. He related to me that while he was telling some recruits what was going to be expected of them in the C.S. gas chamber. He looked up and around 30 thousand feet he said has high as our jumbo jets fly was a cigar shape object that was moveing very slow right to left. He looked back down for a few seconds then back up
in time to see it shoot back left to right in a blink of an eye. He said it didnt even stop its right to left travel to start its left to right flite. It never stopped it just disapeared. I often wonder if it wasnt the same ship.
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PostSubject: Re: UFO over lake In S.C.   Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:22 am

I have had several similar sightings of cigar shaped objects and other objects that just disappear.
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UFO over lake In S.C.
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