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 Mystery Quest on Area 51

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PostSubject: Mystery Quest on Area 51   Thu Oct 15, 2009 12:03 am

The program Mystery Quest did some investigating on Area 51 to find out if there is any evidence to support the reports that alien technology is being used. John Lear and Bob Lazar were mentioned with Mr Lear being shown on the program. I am one who is a critic of the men, but I also think an investigation is good to see if any information they claim is true.

There were some witnesses of UFOs who were interviewed, and those were interesting, along with a report of an alleged skyquake. The skyquake is allegedly caused by the mysterious jet Aurora, which is highly classified and denied by the Air Force to exist.

The investigation went to an area of an alleged crash of an object around the year 1967. The debris recovered was tested and revealed to be man made. It was mainly brass, although what it was could not be fully identified. It was not unusual in any way either.

Green River Utah has been alleged to be where the Air Force now conducts its research. An investigator checked out the area and an abandoned building. There was no sign of any activities and the property is an abandoned missile test area.

New pictures show that there is construction going on at Area 51, with jets and helicopters buzzing the crew as they went to Mt Tikapoo to have a look.

Over all, a very interesting episode, but nothing to prove any extraterrestrial happenings at the base.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystery Quest on Area 51   Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:11 am

you cheeseballs better figure out some way to actually do something worthwhile with this UFO stuff than camp outside an old base that's gotten so much attention nobody would keep their bingo money there for safe keeping.

WTF? Are you guys too enveloped in the conspiracy to really add any value to this thing?

Please, quit boring the stuff out of all of us real fans.

Ok. I see what's going on. Green River is a nice rafting location. And Area 51 is near Las Vegas! How many else of these supposed UFO sites are we going to discover are nice vacation spots? yeah, sure, you're hunting ufos. It must be nice to make so much money off of suckers like us.

Are you having a good time on our dime?
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PostSubject: Re: Mystery Quest on Area 51   Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:08 pm

No tax dollars went to this episode and I am in agreement that no extraterrestrial stuff is happening at Area 51. However, it is good to see a program actually look to see if there is any evidence to support these claims.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystery Quest on Area 51   

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Mystery Quest on Area 51
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