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     Mystery Quest on Atlantis

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    PostSubject: Mystery Quest on Atlantis   Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:26 pm

    Mystery Quest checked out the various theories of Atlantis and had some interesting results. The first one was the theory that Minoan civilization was the Atlantis Plato was writing about. Two scientists did tests to show the cataclysmic volcanic eruption over 3500 years ago in the area could have produced a tsunami that was over 130 feet high and traveled at 300 mph. That would of wiped out the Minoan civilization in an instant.

    I am one to also think the idea of Atlantis to Plato was mainly inspired by the Minoans. Many people think of the very ancient civilization that may have existed over 10,000 years ago. I do not apply the name Atlantis to it as it is confusing to many and others are totally dismissive of a very old civilization with that name.

    The other more important discoveries were off the Bimini Islands. A piece of the rock used in the structure that looks like a road (the Bimini Road) was taken for testing. They had found an anchor that looked just like the ones used in the Mediterranean Sea cultures. It had coral on it, and there are laws about disturbing the habitat. The one piece of the rock, which looked like it was man made was tested and found to be only from around 1750 BCE. That makes it much to young, but opened up a brand new question: Who built the Bimini road? Are they connected to the Mediterranean area because of the anchor found?

    Also, other structures that are under 100 feet of water were looked at and video taped. Many of the structures look like they could be possibly man made. They would also be much older than the Bimini Road as the area was underwater for a long time. No further tests were done, but some looked square and like they were made by hand. The researchers are asking permission to dig through some areas and look for artifacts and other clues.

    The biggest find in the show is the Bimini Road part. While supporters of the 12,000 year old civilization hypothesis will be disappointed, the find may finally reveal that travel to the New World was common back then and the Egyptian connection to it would be explained more.
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    Mystery Quest on Atlantis

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