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PostSubject: HELLO FROM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: HELLO FROM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:04 pm

Hi Teslas . Cool pic !
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PostSubject: Re: HELLO FROM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   Sun Oct 04, 2009 5:23 pm

Thanks. Here is my "UFOcentric bio" lol!

Alien abduction questionnaire. SAAAR RESEARCH


Possible links to alien abduction.

Please answer the following questions.

1. Do you crave vinegar or salt?

2. Have you awakened and was paralyzed for a moment?

3. Felt there was someone in your room at night you
couldn't see?

4. Saw a hooded figure in your room at night?

5. Battery clocks have died with new batteries or clocks
became unrepairable.

6. Are you 1/4 or more American Indian?

7. Have you had jewelry or other items to turn up missing
and then suddenly return to an odd location?

8. Found stones or rocks in your house. Love to collect rocks. This has happened
when jewelry has turned up missing?

9. Feel you do not belong here on earth?

10. Have had deer, raccoons or owls from the wild come up
to you as if they were a pet? ( Please name other animals if
this applies)

11. Have you ever had missing time?

12. Have had an urge to drive or walk to another location and
not know why?

13. Have had strangers come up to you and give you a message.
Example: They say you are a chosen one. Then walk away.

14. Have had a false pregnancy or was pregnant and then fetus
disappears. ( doctor had confirmed pregnancy)

15. Have seen UFOs more then once?

16. Have became psychic over time?

17. Have seen flashes of light come into windows, similar to
flash on cameras?

18. Have had blackhawk helicopters low over your home that circle as if watching you.

19. Have been followed by black cars or vans with tinted
windows on more then one occasion? Have seen
strange men dressed in black suits and sunglasses?

20. Have awaken to find you are not in your bed. You
do not sleepwalk?

21. Afraid of closets?

22. Remember seeing as a child, cartoon figures
that seemed to be alive?

23. Have many dreams of aliens and spacecraft?

23. Are terrified of alien pictures? (or love)

24. Streetlight, household lights go out when you
pass by them?

25. Have awakened to find bruises on legs or arms?

26. Have found pin like scratches on body and not
know where they came from?

27. Hear loud buzzing in ears. Do not have ear problems?

28. Have found triangle marks on body that fade quickly?

29. Have found bare round spots in yard or field close to
your house. Grass will not grow there?

30. Have many medical problems that doctors can not
find causes for?

31. Have heard mumbling voices in your home and no one
was there?

32. Have smelled a strong scent of cinnamon or sulfur or wet paper in
your home?

33. Have had unexplained amnesia that passes quickly?

34. Have a very strong interest in the subject of UFOs?

35. Have many dreams of flying?

36. Believes your house may be haunted?

37. Have seen black balls roll across the floor or fly by you then

38. Find open windows and doors after you have locked them?

39. Have had strange images appear on the TV screen.
Example: hieroglyphic writing or images of aliens.

40. Have heard your name called when no one was around?

41. Suddenly becomes terrified with no explanation?

42. Animals in your home suddenly become terrified
or want to be let out quickly for no reason?

43. Have seen alien type faces in windows?

44. Becomes depressed and have anxiety attacks for no reason?

45. Have seen people that you recognize but have never met?

46. Have become invisible to other people for a short time?

47. Can automatic write in hieroglyphic type writing?

48. You walked and talked at 7-8 months?

49. Can read other peoples thoughts? Can move objects
with your thoughts?

50. Haves many dejavu events take place?

51. Have had many nose bleeds at night?

52. Have round hard knots behind ears, on toes,
behind knee, or other places. They suddenly appear
over night? Sometimes disappear over night.

53. Feel you belong to someone other then your parents?

54. Have a strong desire to visit Indian mounds?

55. Have a desire to move from place to place. Never
feels settled?

56. Have found blood in urine with no medical cause?
Have been told that kidney or other organs are
scarred for no reason?

57. Have been told by doctors that you have had surgery
when you have not had surgery?( found on x-rays)

58. Have RH positive or negative blood type?

59. Are terrified of doctors?

60. Have escaped terrible accidents without being hurt?

61. Have you seen fog close to you or ran into a fog that was only in a small area?

62. Have found scoop marks on body?

63. Hear walking in your home and nobody is there?

64. Have heard clicking sounds that sound like dolphins?

65. Has anyone in your family been in any top secret military projects? Worked at a location where top secret projects may be?

66. Felt like you have gone into a parallel dimension right in your home?

67. Have a strong fear of clowns?

68. Draw pictures and don't remember drawing them or what they mean?

69. Recently felt compelled to do UFO research?

70. Do you have any auto immune disorders. Body produces too many antibodies or thyroid problems?

71. Does anyone in your family, such as children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles ever talk about seeing UFOs or having any strange incidents happening to them?

72. Are you experiencing "Shared Dreams" with family members or friends?

73. Have seen militarty persons or are being "trained" to use weapons, or kill with your mind in dreams?

74. Are you dreams extremely lucid, as if it really happened when you wake up?

----- Original Message -----
From: Deborah Collins
To: donolin blessing
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 8:18 PM

Thank you for the reply. I'll be in touch after this week and try to set up a time in May and compare schedules.

Have a great week!

From: donolin blessing
To: Deborah Collins
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 4:08:49 PM

I can take cases from thoses areas. Since we provide hypnotherapy I was trying to limit the distance so people would not have to drive so far to have a session done. Also, I would not be able to interveiw people that far away in person.
However, if anyone is willing to travel to us then of course we will work with them. I don't turn anyone down. I will work with people by phone. So if you know of anyone who might be an abductee please give me a call at 251-965-1104 during the week only from 10 AM till 4 PM.
Donnie Blessing

My response:

No. 6. I have this strange ability to recognize Cherokee Indians. I
will meet someone - female or male and feel compelled to tell them they
are part Cherokee, and they are always shocked that I knew that. My
son's father's grandmother is full-blooded Cherokee, so I may have
picked up on their "spirit" so to speak, but some don't have an
"indian" appearance.
No. 21. No.
No. 22. Not particularly.
No. 23. I feel a slight feeling of compassion for the alien-looking creatures when I see them.
No. 37. I frequently see orbs and one extreme situation where many were airborne over the river in my backyard and flew away.
No. 39. No. Unless I am watching "The Universe" on the History Channel Lol!

No. 43. No.
No. 52. If I place a small magnet behind the ear that troubles me, it
stays. I have constant ear problems and feel something is moving in my
ear when I lie down on that side. I lost my hearing from perforated
ear drum when I was in my 20's but then regained it and now it is
oversensitive like there is a microphone in it. I can't stand loud
noise, although I love music. I sometimes wake up with my ears red as
beets and feeling as though something has bitten the upper cartilages
in my ears.
No. 56. No.
No. 58. No.
No. 59. No.
No. 67. No.
No. 74. I have been diagnosed with PTSD I believe from automobile
accidents, (several). I have undergone hypnotherapy in the past, but
don't remember details. My father's friend was Chiro and he
recommended I have it done, but alot of my memory it seems has been
"altered." My best friend remembers everything. She is somewhat of a
historian and I feel she has also been abducted. Her mother is
Cherokee, and her father is Italian. She was born with a veil over her
face, and her grandmother remarked to her mother that this was a sign
she would have psychic abilities.

We share alot of high strangeness occurrences. She is more fearful
than I am. My mother is also very psychic/sensitive. When I was born
I believe we died (she related to me the doctor made the comment my
delivery was "one hell of a time", so I feel I may have crossed over at
birth. NDE. I have nightmares very frequently. I have seen a
psychiatrist in the past because of divorce but he just laughed at
me?? My doctor recommended a psychologist. I have no mental illnesses
but I believe I am OCD.

When I was approximately 3 years old, I disappeared for several hours
and my family called the authorities and looked everywhere for me.
They supposed I had fallen in a well near our home. After 5 hours,
they found me sitting behind a door where they had previously looked
and found me playing with my mother's wallet! My mother told me I would
wander off to places and worried them to death because as my sister
said to me "you were fearless." I would walk up to strangers and tell
them things about them and they were surprised and shocked. I have the
vague feeling I am like a bird in a cage, thus the propensity to
wander, travel, etc. I don't like confinement, although in my work I
am very comfortable with my office.

When I was a baby, my father caught me playing with a coral snake and
he flicked it out of my hand with a yard rake. I was not bitten and
told him it was a pretty magic ribbon. I had played with it for some
time and the doctor was shocked I was not bitten.

I am a little reticent to draw attention to myself because of my
occupation. Confidentiality is paramount please. I am currently
writing a fiction based on non-fiction novel, so I don't feel
comfortable sharing too many details because they are woven in my
story. I also have a vivid imagination, but would never embellish
anything because I have been in police/government work, and
truthfulness is important to me. I will tell you that I generally deal
with fear with my sense of humor, but that doesn't mean I am

I am a certified paralegal. My former boss with whom I shared mutual
admiration and respect refers to me as "an enigma." I have the
ability to predict the outcome of events, but have no desire to
gamble. I somehow know what people are going to say, etc. the usual
psychic abilities.

I can control my heartbeat, temperature, etc. I told my doc I was a
lab rat. My neurologist indicated there are several anomolies, but I
wouldn't let him elaborate because it frightened me. I need cervical
surgery and have chronic back pain, but am afraid if they remove
anything I will lose my abilities or become very sick???

There are so many details I won't divulge as I said earlier because
they are pretty voluminous, but I know I am at least unique; although I
think humility is an important virtue.

Thank you for your interest.


P. S. I use to eat pickles for breakfast. LOL!!!
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CE 3

Number of posts : 338
Location : UK
Registration date : 2009-09-06

PostSubject: Re: HELLO FROM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:17 pm

Very interesting post Teslas !

Love and light FW . Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: HELLO FROM JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA   Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:32 pm

Those are a lot of questions, theteslas.

I believe there may be many possible explanations as to what is going on:

1. Supernatural visitation

2. Otherworld or another dimension being visited by such persons

3. abduction by an alien to a nuts and bolts craft

4. Earthly explanations such as lucid dreams or sleep paralysis

5. Other psychic and unknown phenomena

We should never poke fun of those who have these experiences. One day, it could be us.
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