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 Why won't the Government admit the existance of E.T.E.'s

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PostSubject: Why won't the Government admit the existance of E.T.E.'s   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:12 am

Most people except there is very likely to be life els where in the universe and that we are not alone. And a large number believe we have been visited.

So why do they need to keep it secret?

What have they got to hide?

If they do ever come out I feel the public reaction will only be very positive. We have a right to know the truth. I think the media need make a more serious approach to this and get the truth out of them!
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PostSubject: IDK   Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:43 am

Its good to be positive about ET disclosure, but the overwhelming evidence would indicate that the various Gov'ts involved will continue to obfuscate the truth from us. What does that mean? To me, it means the Gov'ts have a vested interest in maintaining the Secrecy. If the ET were inocuous, we would already know, if the ETs were here to help, we would already be helped. If they were here to destroy us, we would be dead. No, I think there is something else at work, that we aren't thinking about. This leads to conspiracy theories of Secret deals between the ETs and the Governments. Who knows, but look at the facts, as to why there is no Disclosure. Look at the many world Religions, just think about the implications there. The staunch faith that is taught, doesnt say anything about God creating ETs specifically. Yet, I believe, the one Good, created ALL life in the Cosmos. What would happen if the ETs showed up and professed their faith in the same supreme Creator? I think that is what it would take for acceptance of their existence. The Govt is so deeply imbued within this issue, that they have no recourse but to continue with the agenda. We in the States would throw another revolution if we found out what Govt has kept secret all these years, the technology that Tesla was working on. Free electricity? Florida Power and Light would be out of Business, think of the upsetting factors to the true Powers that be.
Money and power and greed is preventing any disclosure. No, it would take the ETs themselves to reveal their existence. There are so many factors involved it just ain't that easy to say, "yes, we are not alone". I feel disclosure will take place in the form of Earthlings discovering microbial life on some Rock, on some distant planet. See this sight for possible proof:


There are some fascinating things on Mars. I spend an inordinate amount of time studying The NASA Rover images sent back. I get a feel that there were Civilizations on Mars.
Here's a Link that should help:
(warning; this site will consume many hours of your time!!)


I have quite a collection myself of interesting anomalous photos, but nothing conclusive.
I wish there were a section on this Forum for Mars discussions. Hope this stimulates the vitality within each of us to continue the search. Until the ETs reveal themselves, it is all just theory, wrapped in self-created enigma.
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PostSubject: Re: Why won't the Government admit the existance of E.T.E.'s   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:29 pm

I have a few ideas why the governments won't reveal if they did have any extraterrestrial craft/probes (I believe they do):

1. The military branches of the government do not want to share the materials and any information gleaned from such craft.

2. Even though many polls suggest people are ready, we still may not be quite ready yet. I have no idea what their threshold is, but when we reach it they may start sharing more.

3. They may not really have any extraterrestrial craft or bodies. This is always a probability, and even though I have arguments to counter this idea, I could be wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Why won't the Government admit the existance of E.T.E.'s   

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Why won't the Government admit the existance of E.T.E.'s
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