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     The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins

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    PostSubject: The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins   Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:23 pm

    The Cygnus Mystery is one of the many books out that deal with the ancients and their knowledge of astronomy. Andrew Collins focuses on the constellation Cygnus and comes up with a wild theory. The theory isn't that new, but it does make one think.
    Many of these authors use the ancient religious rites and texts as the major part of their research. While I do think it is a fascinating subject, I do wonder if they are reading too much into what is being stated. Since we cannot view our ancestors back in time and confirm the meanings ourselves, speculation is the next best thing.
    The swan (or goose) is the main subject of this book and how it shows up in many myths and funeral rites. Cygnus is the constellation of the swan, and the bird also represents peace and love. Many of the ancient astronomical sites are aligned to Cygnus at certain dates, and Mr Collins tries to find correlations between the Giza Pyramids and Cygnus also. One can find correlations between constellations and any site if they look hard enough. The book is fascinating when it does delve into the many possibilities of the swan.
    The author also tries to make the case that the Dogon meant Cygnus and not Sirius, but I did read Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery" and it has a lot more information than what is used in Mr Collins' book. I have also read "The Orion Mystery" and think either constellation could work. Is it possible they meant to use both?
    The main part of the theory is discussed at the end of the book, and it deals with the theory that cosmic waves from a star in Cygnus caused mankind to break out of his shell. The author does bring up some points that may contradict his theory, such as even older sites dedicated to the bear (Ursa). I do think it is an interesting idea, but my problem is that after the Great Pyramids, the human race went downhill in terms of knowledge and technology, with the Dark Ages being our bottom. This theory does not have an answer to that one.
    I also have a problem that the author (along with Graham Hancock) dismisses the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis theory. I would think they would be open minded about all ideas, as both authors are considered fringe or alternative and are not taken seriously by some academic circles. The use of our space probes as an example of how long it would take for us to reach the stars is moot because the probes do not have a propulsion system. They use our own planets to steer and speed up to visit the next planet and then are supposed to drift onward in the voids of space. (Carl Sagan should of also known better as he is quoted about that one.) I am one to think both theories of ancient civilization and contact are viable. We were visited (and still are), but they came to observe us.

    The book itself is a very good read and should make people think more outside the box of where we came from. It also seems like the author wants to use the term intelligent design, but is afraid to do so. There is nothing wrong with considering the aspect that their is a far greater intelligence at work here. While some may be put off by the theory, the first half of the book should be quite fascinating to them.
    I am a fan of all these types of books that think outside the box. That does not mean I immediately believe all the ideas put forth, but I do give them consideration and look at the evidence provided to see how much weight to give them. "The Cygnus Mystery" deserves a place on any alternative thinker's bookshelf.
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    The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins

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