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     Alien dreams

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    New Member

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    PostSubject: Incredible dreams I have   Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:10 am

    I have seen many interviews and conferences in this site, also many opinions and many are not convincing to me, a few have given me lot to think about, but nothing I have heard is as trustable as dreams I've had. First one was many years ago when I had a dream about being in a prehispanic area of my country (mexico) in the center of something like a stadium which started transforming into a starship and flying up while I was able to see outer space. Then I said in English language "Look, it is the universe". Then I woke up listening a sound and vibration and seeing the shape of a person full of light which disappeared together with the sound in few seconds. It was a dream followed by something out of a dream. I was surprised but thought that was just something strange. Many years later I had a dream in which I was in a line with many people dressing in black suits waiting to get into a modern building in a campus of somewhere. I wanted to be in line but I had no shoes. I asked who could borrow me some cash to buy shoes and there was a friend I found there who told me that he could borrow me his credit card to buy my shoes and so I did. Later I knew that this old friend had died few days before. Couple of years later the person I most love died and weeks later I was told to look to my bank account and found that I had money there that wasn't there before. It was money that he left for me. The card from the bank remind me to my dream. After my loved person died I live alone and started having some sort of communication with things in the house and with little toys that were like our family. There is a doggy and another doggy and a rabbit and so on. I started having conversations with them in my mind. Just a thing of my own But among family there is a toy who is alf, the one from the tv show. Well, every night I tell him to tell me stories about aliens and he says that we all most sleep and dream. We sleep and I have many dreams, most more interesting than any of the stories told in this site. Many I forget and many are connected. One is special. I felt an earthquake and went up, when leaving my bedroom I saw in the living room an enormous circle of light. They were actually tow circles together which were surrounded by a circle of light. The sound was very similar to the sound of the very first dream I had. But this time I realized that I was dreaming and decided to continue in my dream even though it was a dream I was able to continue there being conscious as if been awake. This time I intended to communicate myself with this energy. I opened my arms and tried to melt and when doing it the sound went higher and the movement inside the circles and it was connected with me. As if telling me "Come with me". Then I said. "I am not ready" and the sound and the light stopped instantly as if stayed printed and static and then I woke up. Few days later I saw the interview in this site with a man talking about oob. An experience of dreaming being ware that one is dreaming. In a dream everything can happen and there is no rules or limits. But there are also answers and information. This information I trust more than any person saying that knows everything about aliens and ufos. And my dreams the information I feel has not much to do with anything said for so many people in this programs and conferences. The information I get is that we already have contact with entities that are around us all the time. Our chairs, our tables, our plants, everything, and it depends on us that we have company with them because they are not only things with not live. They have a life of their own. Everything is alive and can be our friends. Also that many dimensions are around where we can melt in our dreams and in this reality if we wish to. It is all I have to say and would like others to try this because makes one feel so full. Much of this conferences and specialists in the topic are many not trustable to me. Some are, but not those who say that have had closer communication with aliens to represent them for practical reasons because real real cosmic life is not practical and has nothing to do with the reality we are used to.
    We just need to be kids again and say "I believe in fairies because they exist. Real world is neverland. The country of our dreams.
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    CE 2

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    PostSubject: Alien Dreams- back on topic   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:13 pm

    The description of cells in the hall of a cave sounds a lot like Travis Walton's description of what he saw in the craft. Also note
    the recent trip by Destination Truth to the mountainous caves in Chili
    when they found what looked like a mumified - dried out- corpse of a Grey, also caves not to mention the 1st X-Files movie.
    My dreams are more exploratory in nature- I'm exploring etc...
    isn't Terri Huate spelled "Haute."
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    Alien dreams

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