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 Bob White Artifact

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PostSubject: Bob White Artifact   Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:44 am

Bob White Artifact.  I know what the artifact is and how it was made.  Unfortunately it is not from out of this world.  It is produced by means of what is called flame spraying.  Although it is not made that way it is made from the use of an abrasive cut off blade, which can cut through most metals although it is not recommended for cutting aluminum.  Make some calls and find a fab shop that has a large cut-off wheel or even a large pedestal grinder and look at the part of the guard that the bulk of the spraying molten metal is hitting.  You will see the same pattern as the Bob White Artifact.  This also explains why there are so many different metals in the artifact.  They are not the result of alloying but of just metal spray sticking to the other material already building up.  This might have the appearance of sintered metal which it sort of is but not really.  

The only subject of curiosity is the fact that you say it is primarily made up of aluminum.  It does not look like aluminum but if a highway repair crew was working on some guardrails after hours there may have been trailer mounted pole lighting, portable welding equipment, a chop saw to cut the galvanized railings, and other vehicles including lighted highway construction signs which may have bee lit as added light.  It could have been programmed to show two bars of light since the generator is not capable of handling the entire sign being lit at once.

You take all the above and place it in the dark out in the middle of nowhere in a clear sparsely populated area on a hot night and when you look at the horizon the heat will drastically alter the size and shape of what you see.  From my own experience I have estimated how far a town was when coming up over a ridge at night and although it appears to be about 5 miles it was actually more like 27 miles. I only mention some of the above to put it all into perspective.

I am convinced that Bob White believes he saw something other-Worldly but in this case I just think he made a mistake. After the job was done the trucks went up over the hill appearing to rise into the sky and a bump jarred the hot metal sprayed debris loose and it fell to the ground and when he came up to that spot it was still hot.

I do believe there is something to UFO's and have always wanted to see one since a child but have never been privileged in that way.  Don't give up the faith though.  The truth is out there and maybe soon we will all know. Personally my only unexplained encounter was with an orb.
The orb was in my house beside me at about 9:00 O'clock and about eye level while sitting paying bills at night getting close to midnight. I sensed something and turned to see what it was and here about five feet away and eye level was this ball of white light, not radiant light with beams coming out from it but granular light. I had never seen light like that before. It did not emit much light but the center was radiating like lots of little balls of light wiggling about the center. I just stared at it trying to figure out what the F@#$ I was looking at. While I was looking at it, it moved away from me and up toward the sliding door and then turned back and went up toward the ceiling and then disappeared through the ceiling. As it passed through the ceiling, the area it passed through became illuminated as it did. At this point all the hair on my body felt like it was standing up. It never happened again and the only thing I could think of was maybe it was someone's spirit paying me one last visit. We had a neighbor pass away from breast cancer around that time but I did not associate the two events. I know what I saw and it was real and it was under intelligent control. You decide what it was. I don't know.
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PostSubject: Bob White   Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:42 pm

What you say sounds reasonable and may be what in fact happened.
I do have questions though;
Was this tech availalble in 1985 when he found it?
What about in 1945-50 when the Denmark cousin to it was found?
It seems that Cal Tech, or Los Alamos or MIT would have been able to recognize it?
But perhaps not, circles travelled etc..
Also our hero Bill Birnes says data indicates Nano tech was used in the formation of the object
and the object produced an energy pattern in 2008-9 when it was examined, would an object
made in that way have those indicators?

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Bob White Artifact
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