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 Underground Base " D.u.m.b"

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PostSubject: Underground Base " D.u.m.b"    Fri May 03, 2013 2:51 pm

I've spent the last 2 months researching anything and everything i can find about underground military bases. and honestly have spent every waking moment searching on the subject for the last month or so besides going to work of course, ever spare moment is spent reading.

I need help. I'm sure there have been many before me wanting to achieve what im setting out to do. but either we have never seen the proof that they succeeded or it was covered up by mass media. and only partial truth was shown. im setting out to film a documentary all on my own budget. And trust me, I'm not rich. But that is not what i need help with. i need people, i need specialist in the field. i need a geologist possible and a camera man. thats it.

I feel we all have a purpose in life. Ands its not some pre-destined purpose or someone guiding you do something. i Believe that every person on this earths job and "destiny" is to some how contribute to the progression of the world. it maybe to some that just picking up trash on there weekly walk helps contribute, or possibly a Nikola Tessla who paves the way for everything we know today.
Which leads me to my point. IM going to travel the united states. atleast the 48 Main land and possibly Alaska if i can find a way to afford it. And i plan to find dozens of these so called undeground bases. Bill has gratiously set the tone when he stumbled upon Dulce, NM and there are many more. i didnt believe this until with my own eyes i found one. this same search is going to lead me to dozens of others, if not more.

I plan to start this journey in July. by then i will have all my research complete and ready to put everything in motion. please contact me if you are intrested
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Underground Base " D.u.m.b"
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