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 UFO Hunters being targeted by government disinformation.

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Mark Alexander
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PostSubject: UFO Hunters being targeted by government disinformation.   Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:07 pm

I've recently been watching the UFO Hunters videos and have after watching close to 15 episodes noticed 2 US government disinformation agents giving incorrect information in the investigations. Both instances are in regards to those persons falsely claiming that the US government does have UFO and cloaking technology within the stages of experimentation.
I'm a UFO contactee with more experience than any other around, more than 25 UFO encounters to my experience, with appx. half of being independently witnessed, of human looking aliens in craft, and I also have many more 'grey' visitations occurring in my homes, from when I was a very young child till my late 30's.
My Human looking alien contacts are telepathically in connection with me whenever they want those connections, they advise me, help me, inform me and gave me more experience and encounters of their craft and selves than any other contactee/abductee around. They've explained how their craft work and what they are doing to humanity, and why they are here. The explanations they gave me of how their UFO technologies work are like no others I've heard of elsewhere and sound more possible, and very plausible. These explanations are totally different to one government disinformation agent giving information of UFO technology within the UFO hunters series, AREA 51 REVEALED.
IF Bob Lazar had given correct information about the projects he worked on at Area 51 he would have been in the least imprisoned for life for breaking official secrets acts, or worse still executed by the C.I.A. in what would be termed as either suicide, or murder from a source other than the Govt. The information he has given cannot be correct, it is a disinformation project designed to make other governments look the wrong way when trying to design and make UFO technology.
Not one photograph of UFOs and technology of he worked on, but a very clever story to make people believe his lies.
MY interstellar telepathic human alien friends they've kind of like made me a spokesperson of their selves, and it is they who have devised the contents of my soon to be released personal encounter UFO book.
They've explained to me in great detail how their UFO's travel faster than light, and how many other of their UFO technologies work, it is all totally different to any other information within the UFO investigating communities.
I've seen lights in the sky which were obviously disc like craft reflecting light or generating itself, friends saw a cigar shaped UFO, I've seen the large fireball type UFO, and the smaller blue orb with a central orb. I've seen a spinning bell shaped UFO, a triangle in the sky and a rectangle of light in the sky. Myself and close to 30 kids and parents of my primary school watched a silent metal disc craft hovering above the school field for close to 10 minutes and I had a time lapse then, this was back in the late 70s so hence there being no video or photo evidence. Me, mum, dad, brother and sister watched the night sky turn to pure daylight for close to 10 seconds, it changed instantly and silently, then changed back in the same manner. An uncle and other sister watched metal flying balls close to the passenger jet there were in when on approach to the US coastline, travelling from the UK. My mum has seen a ufo, my sister saw many with me and her boyfriend saw one too.
I've had the 'greys' send a metal robot spider like medical instrument do things to me one night when in bed, years before manmade robot insects were seen in fictional films, and after it had left through the open window I heard it running up the roof slates very fast. Then a few minutes after that I see a government undercover operative walking by outside and staring at my roof, early hours of the morning. Governments know if they want to get close to UFOs then they should stay close to me, they've had these airspace operations of me since the mid 90s. Jet Fighters, large unmarked jets with no side windows, small light aircraft, black streamlined helicopters, medium sized turbo prop spotter planes and a medium sized ground spotter plane with scanning ridges all along and encircling each wing. Me and my brother also viewed an abnormal amount of satellites passing through the night sky when on a one month cycling and camping holiday in France, they were always travelling in roughly the same direction beginning to come into view from roughly the same area, and when one had passed over the horizon out of view another would be seen within 20 minutes. May be they were UFOs, but I suspect they were government spy satellites, or large jets at high altitude, I reckon more so on the satellite theory. It is so obvious they have the sky close to me under heavy operations any UFO investigation would be able to prove this to themselves. At the moment I see their large jets close by, usually they have 2 near me, and last week all of my home town heard a fighter jet circling in clouds nearby for close to 30 seconds. It had to have been trying to get close to 'something.' The authorisers of these airspace operations don't like for me to know they have fighter jets trying to shoot my alien friends out of the sky so it is rare I see them, only once have I seen one nearby, and last week when I heard that one. I believe it is a joint project between the US and UK government.
So guys if you want to stay on the correct track don't believe anything that is said of government UFO know how, they will do almost anything to send peoples beliefs the wrong way, and to send opposition government beliefs the wrong way.
My book will set the record straight but I don't expect people will believe till I have video and or photo evidence. My book is finished and I am soon to be in a meeting with a businessman who may want in on publishing this book between us, only after I acquire video and photo evidence will the book be released, I need physical evidence and my Alien friends I believe and hope will give it to me soon.
When and if I acquire video and or photo evidence I wont be able to put it in this site or anywhere else on the net unless is a part of my book sales website, I don't yet know how to take my book and any evidence of UFOs interacting with myself, I am not a business mind, hence me needing a business man behind me.

Last edited by Mark Alexander on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:18 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Grammar, spelling (UK English not US English) and '10 seconds' needed changing to '10 minutes'.)
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UFO Hunters being targeted by government disinformation.
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