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 "What are you doing with that probe?"

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PostSubject: "What are you doing with that probe?"   Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:55 pm

Hello everyone! Im new here! The name is Fishcakes your friendly neighborhood Hybrid.

Having thought about it im not going to ask you which books to buy next. Instead i recomend a book review. Tell everyone what you are reading now. Or tell everyone what you have read and why you would recommend it. Or on the other hand tell us about a book you hate and why we should leave it alone. This should benefit everyone, not just me. (o:

Most of the other forums i belong to can keep this going, like forever. Lets see if you can do as well.

The Uninvited. Nick Pope
Nick starts of by discussing the opinions of abductees and the opinions of the public, he also gives 2 fictional accounts of basic abductions to familiarise the reader with the subject.
I think that most people who have already read into the subject of abductions will be glad to hear that Pope only makes breif referances towards the contactees and does not delve too deeply into the famous abductees.
Most of the rest of the book is taken up by cases of abduction and alien encounter not yet seen before. All in all this is a good alround read.
What attracts me to this book most of all is that the witness acounts often involve a good degree of high strangeness which is refreshing and makes the book differ to most others. I expect that most other authors and investigaters stay away from the oz effect because it takes credibility away from the encounters themselves and the reliability of the abductees is already under enough doubt.
If you are interested in the subject i highly recommend this book!

If you are interested in the more surreal aspects of the paranormal then i point you in the direction of John Keel, famed author of the mothman prophesies. The book is not like the film. Our haunted planet is my top favourite book! Keel seems to be one of the few people to realise (or he is the only one to report) that this subject is far stranger than most of us know or realise, how encounters and experience change in their particulars across generations. He also notes that the perceptions and beliefs of witness and investigater often affect the experience (just like quantum mechanics). These entities have been around as long as us, maybe longer and we cannot be sure what they are!
I highly, highly, highly, recommend our haunted planet.
Ps. Its cheap as chips!

"Nothing is true.." Hassan Sabbah, the old man of the mountains

Brightest Blessings
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"What are you doing with that probe?"
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