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     The G2 cloud and superwave.

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    Keyholder for Area 51

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    PostSubject: The G2 cloud and superwave.   Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:24 am

    I have been looking at a particular picture for awhile that deals with everything I have been through since the mid-50s and directly connects to my final conclusions. I have added this idea to my 170 pages of notes and think that it's time to share this idea, that of the so-called G2 cloud being swallowed by the galactic center. It needs to be understood that we do not have the ability to see INTO said "cloud" and herein is the problem. If this was just a "cloud" there would be no real problem ... however, a problem exists regarding what might be IN this "cloud" - and it could very well lead to a superwave. The following is the comment I wrote in my notes:

    Connected to all of this is an idea that MAY state that everything I went through, an idea that seemingly ties the to coming of Dr. LaViolette’s superwave is right, and is on it’s way here now. Even though the event would have happened 24,000+/- years ago, we are only seeing the first light of the event today. It deals with the idea that all those thousands of years ago there was a “cloud” swallowed by the galactic center. We today call this “cloud” G2, and said swallowing will begin around July to September of this year. The problem seems to be not so much the cloud, but what might be in it. There is absolutely no way to confirm anything, but there is enough for me to wonder if everything is connected. Dr. LaViolette had said:

    In my previous posting about this G2 cloud, I had concluded that the cloud would likely not trigger a superwave, but I was not 100 percent certain. I noted that if there was a brown dwarf star or jovian planet embedded in this cloud, as this star or planet came in close to the Galactic core, its diameter would radically inflate through a kind of super Hot Jupiter effect. Hot Jupiters are Jupiter-like planets that are in close orbit to their parent star and seen to be unusually bloated by excess energy production in their interiors. Whereas Hot Jupiters are seen to have diameters up to 80% larger than normal, a brown dwarf approaching the Galactic center, where the tidal forces and gravity potential are far far greater, may inflate to many times their normal size. This excess energy production may be due in part to the tremendous increase in genic energy in the star’s interior arising from the embedded star’s entry into increasingly supercritical conditions as it approaches increasingly close to the Galactic center. This genic energy effect is something astronomers are currently not taking into account in their assessment of this G2 cloud mainly because the idea is still rather new and isn’t yet part of mainstream astronomy. But it could be a very important factor missing from their calculations. As the star became increasingly bloated, the area it presented would intercept an increasingly large fraction of the cosmic ray flux being emitted from the galactic core. This cosmic ray flux would further contribute to its heating. So it is quite possible that all these factors together (tidal forces, genic energy, and the intercepted energy flux) might be sufficient to overcome the star’s self-gravity and rip it apart. Once ripped apart this dispersed material would readily fall onto the Galactic core’s surface triggering highly energetic activity. So now instead of talking about a 3 earth mass gas cloud we are talking about a possible 10 to 100 Jupiter mass planet or star being consumed, 3000 to 30,000 times more matter/energy. This could be then sufficient to trigger a core explosion.

    I found it odd that science would turn to remote viewing in this article, but to me this shows an inner fear that this event could possibly happen, and ANY help in this matter is being looked into. Dr. LaViolette said: “The Starburst Foundation which hosts this forum doesn’t necessarily endorse any of these future views. But we feel that we should at least inform the public about them and their possible relevance to the next superwave arrival.”
    So what do we do? We watch and wait. I just find it odd that all of this is coming together at once.

    The things that have gone on in my life are either right or wrong. No one to date has proven me wrong, and a recent talk I had with a UFO "researcher" again showed that dismissal is easier to do than question the data. Even IF we are hit with a "minor" event, the EMP alone could start a chain reaction regarding our global nuclear power plants when power is lost.

    Again, there is no way to say positively if this event will trigger a superwave, we simply do not have the technology to show what is IN this "cloud."

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    Keyholder for Area 51

    Number of posts: 1019
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    Registration date: 2009-10-15

    PostSubject: Re: The G2 cloud and superwave.   Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:44 am

    This is the latest update.

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    Keyholder for Area 51

    Number of posts: 1019
    Age: 65
    Location: Texas
    Registration date: 2009-10-15

    PostSubject: Re: The G2 cloud and superwave.   Sat Jul 12, 2014 11:08 am

    Well let's see ... first post was in Feb of 2013 (no comments), second about a year later (no comments), and now after a year and a half Sleep let's see what happens.

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    The G2 cloud and superwave.

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