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 Hello, New member here

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PostSubject: Hello, New member here   Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:01 am

Howdy from Texas! My name is Jenny. I live in Houston. I have always been fascinated with the universe and the possibility of life elsewhere. I watch all the UFO shows on TV and I strongly believe that UFOs have visited our planet. Either that or the government has much more advanced technology than we are aware of. There are too many videos and credible witnesses to dismiss the idea. My husband thinks I'm nuts. But I am here to keep up with the latest UFO gossip and one day when we have proof...I'll be there to point my finger in his face and say "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"

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PostSubject: Re: Hello, New member here   Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:16 am

Hi Jenny. Very Happy Welcome. Good for you.

My late significant other would never say "I TOLD YOU SO"... she'd just give me "the look" - it says far more. Very Happy I'm just kidding. She and I did not disagree on that issue - often. Very Happy I knew I was in real deep doo-doo when "the look" was accompanied by "the sigh". That was normally saved only for use over our religious but not spiritual differences - interpersonal relationship tactical nuke strike. 'Worked every time. Very Happy Waves little white-flag. Very Happy

Please be gentle with your man the day he finds out what "we" feel to be a coming truth - we're (guys in general) "kind of fragile" that-way until those of the gender more-fair lead us to believe it was our idea anyway. Wink. That day "could" be any day now. It might be a "good" day (I would so hope) but it's best to be prepared for other possibilities too. Very Happy Fingers-crossed. Following the related media seems prudent in the information/disinformation age and enjoyable forums encourage informative discussion, collaboration and shared learning opportunities. Invite your other-half to participate? Very Happy Just kidding again.

Was there any "one" or "two" events that led you to your position on this issue? The reason why I ask Jenny is I'm curious what younger people "have grown up with". I sort of have the impression that the "idea" has more acceptance as the decades have past to the point where it is more taken for granted y'know? It was different when I was young and there was a real stigma assigned to anyone thought to be of such belief. Sometimes time changes things for the better but not often enough. Very Happy

All anyone really is required to do is prove "it" once verifiably on a scale large enough for it to become known - six hours tops and everything changes for the people of this planet. The "de-bunkers" and those who'd rather that not occur are required to be near-perfect each and every time. Their time is running out and it really only is a matter of time.

I had to be convinced of my current position on the issue. There was a time "I did not want to believe"... didn't resist much beyond doing my own research though. Even now the more I look the more I find - many little things - too many "things" poorly or miss-explained or not explained at all and the weight of the data says - keep looking. Very Happy

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Hello, New member here
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