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     NOW AVAILABLE! John Ford's Courtroom Transcript PDF

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    PostSubject: NOW AVAILABLE! John Ford's Courtroom Transcript PDF   Sat Sep 15, 2012 4:44 am

    THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE: ufoteacher.com/johnford
    PETITION: signon.org/sign/the-john-ford-initiative
    DONATE: ufoteacher.com/donate


    Our apologies for any delays here. We know you've been waiting for an update. In this case, I considered it wiser to wait as there were a few things that needed to come together.

    One of them is the recent interview with John Ford himself on The Richard Smith Show, which has been very successful on many levels including feedback and broader public interest as well as more petition signatures. If you haven't done so, visit THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE and listen to the interview ASAP. ufoteacher.com/johnford

    Second is the live discussion I had regarding the John Ford case with Bill Birnes and Alfred Lehmberg as a guest on Future Theater. The show aired that same day right after the John Ford broadcast and serves as a great companion piece to John Ford's interview. You can visit THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE and listen to the interview. ufoteacher.com/johnford

    Third is the long awaited courtroom transcript from John Ford's court hearing that was held earlier this year on May 2, 2012. We had discussed the anticipated arrival of the transcript in the interview with John Ford and the on air discussion with Future Theater. It cannot be stressed enough as to the amount of time and effort that has gone into making this 78-page transcript available to the general public.

    Several key friends and supporters were involved with the transporting, photocopying and PDF conversion of the one and only original document. We are extremely thankful to those involved. It is because of their efforts that we are now able to post it in two parts to the site for everyone to download and read. You can visit THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE and download the PDFs titled "May 2 Hearing Part I" and "May 2 Hearing Part II" at ufoteacher.com/johnford

    Fourth and last are the updates we've done today on the site. All three items above are there for easy access and/or download. All current and past audio interviews are now organized with their own individual audio players right under the main Spreaker player. This gives all visitors the quick and easy access necessary for a speedy and well-rounded education on the John Ford case. Of course, the links are still listed chronologically in the left column as well. At the top of the left column is the PDF of the May 2 court transcript.

    As for the main Spreaker audio player, we have preset it to go directly to the John Ford interview for easy access. You can always use the menu icon in the upper right corner of the player to access all the other interviews on The Richard Smith Show as well. ufoteacher.com/johnford

    Once again, thank you for all your help, interest and support. Remember, we need your donation and your signature.

    Richard Smith


    Richard Smith | Peter Moon | George Dickson (rest in peace 6/14/12)

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    NOW AVAILABLE! John Ford's Courtroom Transcript PDF

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