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UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
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UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
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UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
UFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_lcapUFO and Area 51 Trip I_voting_barUFO and Area 51 Trip Vote_rcap 
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 UFO and Area 51 Trip

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UFO and Area 51 Trip Empty
PostSubject: UFO and Area 51 Trip   UFO and Area 51 Trip Icon_minitimeWed Sep 12, 2012 6:55 pm

For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dear VIP readers;

See the great pictures from http://www.drturi.com/newsletters/

Some of you may wonder WHY would Dr. Turi would take a trip during a waning moon when he is warning us not to do so? Yes readers but traveling during a waning moon is allowed and can be rewarding if you understand and know how to handle the Universal Laws.

First my good friend John's birthday felt in a waning moon and it may read weird if I told him the following..."Hey dude, your BD this year falls in a waning/negative moon thus I will not show up because I am anticipating some problems I could avoid." Usually any BD taking place after the full moon is nothing really special but we made it special for everyone involved. We even exchanged presents and share both valuable business and spiritual knowledge. The fact is we had a BLAST regardless of the waning moon above but it all could have been tragic if some of those rules were ignored...

Thus there are situations that can not be changed but in this case Terania and I had a phenomenal time with John, his wonderful wife who fell in love with her and his two genius sons. They took us to diner and we had nothing less than an incredible unforgettable time all together and we became a part of yet another American family. The reasons why it was all positive is because while the moon was in the sign of Cancer (food/home/family) meeting everyone in John's house in Vegas was what you call a "follow up." This mean John heard me years ago on one of my many radio show with George Noory on Coast to Coast and we started to connect via the Internet where he introduced me to his sons, Richard and Lex. I also spoke to both of them (during a waxing moon) on the telephone thus this endeavor was not new...

Again for your safety and to guarantee you real good time and protection one must START any endeavor during a waxing moon. Thus during a waning challenging moon this endeavor and rewards (started in a waxing moon) will always be productive because it birthed under protective celestial auspices.

Think of the use of a farmer Almanac and plant your seeds during the spring (waxing moon) not in the middle of the cold winter (waning moon.)

Time flew fast and soon we had to leave and drive to the Treasure Island hotel where Terania and I got married in 2010. All was set cautiously for my wedding and all was planned during a waxing moon. My family flew from France during a waxing moon and missed the Icelandic volcanic eruption that grounded thousands of unconscious travelers. Gee imagine if those souls could read my work and realize the pain, the suffering, the expenses, the troubles they all could have avoided had they know me or read my Moon Power book? A $25 investment that's all it would have cost them but as you know readers, the Illuminati won't help you or me and my messages to get to you. I am sure many of you remember the newsletter titled - What A Trip!


This I thought if we decide to gamble this is the place to win some cash. We found an area I felt comfortable and told Terania to seat next to an old/lucky lady who's machine is making lots of noise. I then trained/taught her how to get "in the winning zone" with a one cent machine and she brought her winning to 1500 coins in a very short time. Now we got the old Lady's (and the bystanders) attention and stealing "subconsciously" their winning positive thoughts are directed at us.

Each time she won I reinforced Terania's winning "feeling" anyone need to win anything in life. Then I took her to the dollar machine and inserted a single note, she pushed the button and won $733...Indeed with a single dollar, she paid for the trip and some...I took the winning cashed it and removed her from the slot machine because the rule to make money in Vegas is very simple. You have two pockets, one is for the winnings, the other to waste the money because Las Vegas was built on LOSERS not winners... Let me help you readers, business is not good after the full moon for any Casino and yes people win the lottery too after the full moon... We had a blast, enjoyed the food and after a good night rest drove to Rachel and Area51.

Extraterrestrial Highway

Why don't they put a trash can there? Those stickers will never be read or attract UFO to you. Are You A Chosen One?

Yes UFO and flying saucers are very real readers even if you never saw one...

Long stretch of highway

Behind these mountains Groom Dry Lake and Area 51

A better look at the technology used to watch and keep you away...

We made it to Rachel

The first and only child to be born in this valley was Rachel Jones. Her father delivered her in their mobile home on Feb. 15, 1977. Sadly, the child Rachel died only three years after her birth. Her family had moved to Moses Lake, Washington, where Rachel succumbed to a respiratory problem, presumably aggravated by the dust from the Mt. St. Helens eruption. She died on May 23, 1980.

Terania found a flying saucer in the desert and parked the old truck near the sign...

Then she took this picture of her husband who was abducted in it...

Yes she found me there, this is a very young Dr. Turi in the pinkish picture...

A better look of Dr. Turi 20 years ago!

Yes both departed souls Wendell Stevens, Bill Hamilton and Joe the owner of the Little Aleinn and so many others on this wall were my good friends. I lectured a few times there and had no idea of this picture that brought me thoughts of so many years ago...

Terania in three's company

Having lunch

Connie is Joe's daughter and Pat her mother was missing that day. The moon was in Cancer *home, family, children, food? I guess we will have to go back to see her mom again...May be we should get a group together to visit Area 51, chances are you will see something if you go with me!

This is the Rachel UFO time capsule memorial

Read closely!

Let your children know! Just in case you do not know readers, I was asked to write my predictions for the fiftieths Anniversary of the Roswell NM Incident They are buried in the Roswell New Mexico City Hall. This time capsule and my predictions will be opened and read in 2050 when I will be 100 years old and probably 6ft under...

We stopped at the famous "black" mail box

We also stopped at a famous scenery point were you can see the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon.

Yes another great trip was over much too soon but even if my book said to be ready for new beginnings or endings of important phases of life. And the Charlotte Evans radio show is no more but there is no reasons to be upset about it because life is a constant process of endless changes. I told Terania to expect both bad and good surprises during this trip and as always sharing our life with yours is yet another way for my readers to learn more about the Cosmic Code.

Scepter of 2012 Moon Power for last few days...

Work, Career and Business: You may find yourself discussing goals for the future with someone close to you. Some will even sell their homes or move to better locations. Life is a process of constant change and this lunation will touch you or someone close to you. Make the most out of this change and trust the upcoming future. Not exactly a time to promote any endeavors, sign contracts or travel; wait for the upcoming New Moon to move or deal with important matters.

I am sure many of you have had their own new beginnings or endings of important phases of life and the idea is to be aware of the wisdom imparted in my book 2012 Moon Power. The new "2012 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Signs" will be ready soon and I have yet to start writing the new 2012 Moon Power.

So once more reader, you will attract UFO only if you are in the "zone" or understand and use the Cosmic Code because ET's DO! You need to check a few serious Universal Laws to "attract" extraterrestrials and most of all make sure you are in one of your lucky window dates to avoid the wrong ones. ET's knows there are NO accidents only cosmic circumstances that produces those lucky/unlucky events. Do you really think Terania won $733 by accidents in Vegas or a few days ago we got a message from the ET's by accident?

So do you want to see UFO and do you want to win in Las Vegas? The first thing you need to do is to realize how you STAND - UNDER your stars and UNDERSTAND a few Universal Laws that apply directly to you. If you never won anything in Vegas and never saw a UFO chances are you never will if you are blind or unwilling to take a CHANCE on your own UCI or the Cosmic Code. May be its time for you to take a chance on Dr. Turi where you are 100% sure to WIN for a change? All you have to do is to call me at 602-265-7667 for a little chat or a test drive of what I know about you and what YOU should do to reach emotional, financial and spiritual stability and with it, if you are into the incredible like me, a real CHANCE to attract UFO.

Remember "a magnet will not attract a piece of wood" You need to magnetize yourself to love, to money, to success, to the supernatural, to UFO and if you need a professional investor to guide safely you into any form of your precious dollar investment, trust me to guide you into the spiritual Divine...

Yes there is no many Dr. Turi out there and all you have is your intuition. The skeptics, atheists, agnostics and educated morons alike can not, and will NOT be attracted to Dr. Turi's work because one need to be spiritually advanced to evolve in my energy. Are you a chosen one? are you ready for me and the incredible hidden in your celestial make up? You can reach me anytime reader, but only when as a student you are ready for me will I appear to you...And yes like I did for thousands of curious human beings before you, be sure I will change your life!

Lastly right here on earth life goes on...

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UFO and Area 51 Trip Empty
PostSubject: Re: UFO and Area 51 Trip   UFO and Area 51 Trip Icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 2:02 pm

For any ones information AREA 51 is open to anyone...any time...they do have some restricted hangers as they have new craft that are being developed there and in some cases you can look in these areas...there are no secret caves...deep freeze buildings, out of ordinary piles of ordnance... this is a place where weapons that are labeled `secret` are developed...so don't be surprised if you are not allowed to use the colonel`s privy...oh! i forgot to add...NO UFO`s hidden there...
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UFO and Area 51 Trip
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