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 UFO Hunter Season 3 Episode 12 Incorrect Info

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PostSubject: UFO Hunter Season 3 Episode 12 Incorrect Info   Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:15 pm

As I was watching UFO Hunters Season 3 Episode 12 The Silencers again, I noticed some incorrect information. When they met with Michael Schratt (sp.), he shows them a security clearance organizational chart. This chart is just about completely wrong. I am a Retired E-6 from the U.S.A.F, and was in the Command and Control career field, the last 6 years of service were in Nuclear Command and Control. I possessed a Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information Cosmic Top Secret Atomal (TS/SCI CTSA) Security Clearance. The problems with his Security Clearance Organizational Chart are this: 1) The chart looks more like he typed it up himself, not an actual chart from any military regulation, since it has no header information from the unit that created it, which any official military document requires. 2) The chart has Restricted as the lowest level. Restricted is NOT a security clearance, it is to designate areas on or in facilities that work with classified information, and is to let others know they are not allowed to go in without prior authorization. 3) As in the previous, the next one is Unclassified, this again is NOT a security clearance, it is a security calssification, meaning the information can be given to just about anyone. 4) The chart has Special Compartmented Information (SCI) above Top Secret. SCI is not a security clearance, it is an additional identifier added to Top Secret to give access to certain information to individuals with it (i.e. nuclear material). 5) USAP does not exist, it is only SAP, which is Special Access Programs, and is NOT a security clearance, again it is an identifier allowing access to individuals that are a part of the special access program. If you don't have the identifier, you WILL NOT get any information about that program. 6) Top Secret Crypto is NOT a security clearance, it is cryptologic material used for communication equipment encryption, which some of it is Top Secret, but there is also unclassified, confidential, and secret crypto, depends on the level of encryption. 7) He says the President is level 17 TS/Crypto and makes reference to nuclear launch codes. Level 17 and crypto has nothing to do with that. Crypto was used in the equipment used to transmit the nuclear launch messages to encrypt it. I should know since my job was the receiving end of those codes and relaying them. 8 ) The second highest is COSMIC, again not a security clearance, it is ONLY a designation signifying access to NATO classified, keyword is NATO, ONLY personnel serving in a NATO country have that designation. 9) He does not have ATOMAL on his chart, which is good since it is also ONLY a security designator, meaning access to NATO nuclear material. 10) Although I'm not sure of any of the other ones he has listed (i.e. Astral, Stellar, Cosmos), but given all the above errors, I would have to say they are more than likely wrong or non-existent. I think the above is enough to show that he has no real clue about anything he talks about on the show.
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UFO Hunter Season 3 Episode 12 Incorrect Info
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