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 90% angle confers in the sky

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Registration date : 2012-06-08

PostSubject: 90% angle confers in the sky   Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:21 pm

i was driving and looked out my window and in the sky was a white confer in the sky that was 90%,is it even possible for a jet or plane to fly at speed and turn at a 90% angle,wouldn't the g forces be to much for us to withstand.Then a few days later what looked like military attack helicopter flew over the area,coincident?
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Mark Alexander
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Registration date : 2013-03-28

PostSubject: Attack Helicopters   Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:57 am

I see these helicopters shortly mostly after seeing a UFO at low altitude, usually they arrive on the scene within 25 minutes of my sighting, large jets though being in these sighting areas of sky within 5 minutes of me seeing a UFO there. The helicopters are black, unmarked and streamlined, the large jets I've never been able to see the colour properly as they stay at higher altitudes, they may be grey and look as though have no side windows.
Many people claim to see military helicopters shortly after seeing a UFO, surely this is proof they are not working with Aliens, contrary to how some government disinfo agents claim. In a UFO Hunters video some guys claim the US govt did a deal with the greys, a deal of the greys giving them technology info if they left them to do their own thing. I find this very hard to believe, if the US government had UFO technology like how govt disinfo agents claim why then do they not use them? Why do they use conventional craft for space missions? Why do they use conventional craft for military operations? And why do they try and get close to most UFOs and stay close to major UFO contactees with airspace military operations?
Governments dont want the people to believe in Alien visitation, they want to steal these technologies and want to distance what the people learn of Aliens ways, so they put out many disinfo stories and hide from the public what theyve learnt, seen, acquired and recorded.
I believe Aliens will give governments technology and have done, but not UFO propulsion systems and associated technologies. I believe governments will be given what Aliens want them to receive, which many times will be a stitch up on the part of the Aliens. Aliens only have to leave any kind of unknown technology on the ground and the army is very quick to take it to one of the bases. Haha, for most of the time the government and army haven't got a clue what is in their possession, many a time I reckon they have taken unknown technology which will never be a benefit for them owning, on the contrary, it will only benefit the oppositional Aliens them giving that technology to the army, governments, etc.
Aliens are very clever, their intellect is way above our own I.Q. scales, and are very anti earth governments, they are very unpredictable, where as governments are very predictable.
Look at the Roswell crash site, people reckon that is where fibre optics originated from, who has the patent? Does it matter, governments are loosing their disinfo project outcomes and many a people are learning just how deceitful and corrupt governments are, due to the Internet.
Did Aliens make sure we have the internet? I reckon so, and governments aren't liking the freedom of speech capability of it. Governments are loosing their propaganda wars all because of the internet! One day they'll realise to what extents they been sucked in by Aliens, but I'll expect they'll learn that the hard way.
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90% angle confers in the sky
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